Deal or no deal

I have been offered the following by a dealer. It’s demo stock and around two years old. It will be guaranteed.


Naim NAC 202 23.900,-

Naim Hicap Dr 14.900

Naim Psc-2 4900,-

Naim nap 250dr 41.900,-

Ndx 2 51.900,-

Total 137.500,-


So putting foreign currency to one side. This is a discount of 35%.

What do you think?

Which currency is this? I think the consensus is to aim for a 272 or higher with a 250 DR.

No idea of currency and have never bought ex-demo. To me the weak link is the 202. With that system a 282 would the pre to aim for.


A napsc is included in the price of a 282, and would be a better match with a 250 than a 202 … or see if there is an option of a 200 instead with which you dont need the hicap (200 can power a 202).

35% discount is very good. I have bought hi-fi ex-dem and it has been fine.

As said above the 202 is the weak link but if it was me I would get the whole system and when money allows upgrade it to a 282.

A discount of 35% on two year old demo stock is very reasonable. But: don’t match the 250DR with a 202. Get a 282, even though it costs a bit more. The 282, Hicap and 250 is a wonderful, classic combination.

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What loudspeakers intended ?

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