Dealer doesn't recommend adding a nap250 to a uniti Atom

Hi, I’m wondering if the group can give me some advice please. I have an Atom and I’m about to pull the trigger on a NAP 250Dr to give more power to my Harbeth C7 es3’s. I live in a remote area and am unable to listen this combination unfortunatly. My dealer has a 2nd hand NAP but doesn’t think I will hear much improvement as the Atom pre-amp doesn’t have enough resolution to make the best from the 250. I know this topic has been covered to death so apologies but I’m confused as to why the Atom would have pre-outs at all if it wasn’t up to be paired with a more powerful amp? I am thinking about this as a stepping stone for a year or so until hopefully a 272 v2 might be released…Though I don’t want to bother with the outlay if I will only see a small benefit. Has anyone gone down this path?
Thanks Matt


It’s a bit of an unusual pairing and your dealer is offering good advice. If the 250 is a good price and it’s just a stepping stone while you wait for a 272, then no harm in going down that route

Thanks for your insight James. The Atom is a great sounding bit of kit but its led me down an upgrade path thats proving hard to negotiate. Fingers crossed on a new 272 with uniti type streaming boards soon!

You are fortunate to have a dealer who genuinely looks after your interests. The 250 is far ‘too good’ for the Atom but as a step to somewhere else - say a NDX2 and 282/Hicap (or the ‘new’ 272) it would be ok.


Thanks Hungry, It will be a stepping stone, but over at least a year or so I think. People talk about the 250 revealing the deficiency in the source. How do you think this will manifest, will I hear harshness or other negatives do you think? I really don’t want to spend the cash and make the system worse. I guess I’m somewhat confused and don’t really want to take a step back to go forward if you see what I mean?

I very much doubt it will make things worse, but you won’t get the full benefit of your spending until you up the front end and preamp. If it’s simply a stepping stone it’s not an unreasonable thing to do. If you are not intending to use Tidal or Qobuz as your main source then a used 272 may be all you need. I think it’s pretty likely a new platform 272 will appear but it’s not guaranteed.

Thanks again Hungry, your setting my mind at rest. I think ill go for it and look to upgrade when I can. I use tidal and I’m really loving Roon which is why I actually came to the Atom in the first place. No other manufacturer seems to offer such slick functionality. Then I got into the sound…

Well I have no inside knowledge but I think if there was to be a 272-2 or 372 it would have appeared by now. After all they have the platform. My hunch is that the latest iterations of the ND5 and NDX2 are doing so well Naim will focus their effort in that area. That then gives you a dilemma. You could always seek out a 2nd hand NDX and 282/HC which would be a step up over a 272 albeit it increases the box count. Sorry!



Thanks Lindsay, you are talking sense. It sounds like a lot of people are hanging out for that product. I’ll keep everything crossed in the meantime as I don’t want to up the box count, this stepping stone is really a gamble on a release of the 272 V2. Hey Ho.

If you’re definitely on the path to upgrade and get a much more significant system, and plan to base it on a 250DR power amp, then finding a GOOD deal on a used 250DR is something you can do any time. I’d be looking to pay ~50% of retail, depending on how old it is. If you want to do it now, and change the ‘front end’ later, then do it. There should be no hurry, as there is no shortage of 250DR’s on the ‘gently used’ market.

Thanks Bart, thats the other reason I’m leaning towards this, I’ve found a great deal at less that 50% retail with still 2 years left on the warranty. Also its available where I live and in these crazy times I don’t really want to be waiting on something which may or may not clear customs! Unfortunately I have to consider cost, logistics and then what it sounds like…

That sounds like a good deal :slight_smile: And buying from your local and trusted dealer provides significant value; it’s about more than just the sales price!

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I am also interested in a similar path … I have a Nova and have a good deal on a 250 DR …
An additional question apart from the obvious sonic / value concerns …
I am very much enjoying the ability to stream music to the Nova from my laptop / remote / iphone etc without having to physicaly switch it on … device is left in standby and “wakes up” remotely when asked.
If a 250 DR was added … how would this work ?
Can it be woken by the Nova … or does it need to be left fully on ?
Thanks in advance

I’m with HH I think. I’d be tempted to sell the Nova and buy a used 272, or stretch a little and get a used 282 and a NDX which can be had at really good price used. You need a good pre on the end of a 250dr to get the best from it

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I wouldn’t sell a Nova for a 272, backwards step in my opinion. It’s old tech now and needs replacing, SQ needs to be balanced with function, usability and longevity. The Nova is an extremely good source and extremely versatile, I run 2 of them into 300DRs and will not swap their convenience and quality until there is a new 272 equivalent, and then it would need to be really good to justify it.

Whatever works for you. Seems like a massive waste of a superb amp to me but if you enjoy it then it’s all good. Personally I suspect the OP’s dealer knows what they are on about for the majority of buyers

Yes I’m very happy with it. I did try a 272 when i bought the Nova, albeit it was 272/200 vs the bare Nova and i much preferred the Nova. Ideally I’d use a NDX2 into the 300 but I don’t want a separate pre-amp, don’t need the inputs, lose proper app control and several £££s for another box. Bring on a 372 for me, which is why i have what i have.

I once added a 250-2 to a UnitiQute. Here I am 9 years later with a NDX2/XPSDR/252/SCDR/300. :flushed:

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I doubt the Atom is so low on the hierarchy it can’t be bettered by the addition of a 250DR. And if you’re on an upgrade path it’s a no brainer.

On reflection if you want to keep to 2 boxes I’d try a NDX/SN as opposed to a 272/250. I once heard the comparison at a dem and the former had the advantage in the opinion of most in the room.



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