Dealer on holiday , connection help needed please

I am currently trying to trial a Naim Superline into a Supercap that recent upgrades has freed up. Unfortunately, having connected everything up i’m not getting any sound and as you can see from the title my friendly dealer went on holiday last night.

Im hoping there is something obvious i am missing so here is what i have done so far :

  • Transit screws removed from Superline
  • Turntable connected to phono inputs on Superline and ground connected
  • Superline connected to Supercap via Burndy - yellow collar at Superline end
  • Supercap connected to NAC 552 via brand new 4 pin to 5 pin DIN - On Supercap din socket next to Burndy used and input 3 used on 552 .

If anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them as its so frustrating not being able to trial the Superline
Terry Smith

Perhaps we can summon up the Great Dane @Richard.Dane

Bear in mind that the mute from switch on with the Superline is rather long - supposedly it’s so that all the circuits properly stabilise. As such, it can often cause a bit of panic in the end user, wondering why there’s no sound.

Otherwise, which input are you using on the Superline? BNC or Next Gen RCA Phono? If the latter, make sure you have actually got a connection, Next Gens can be tricky; Regular plugs can sometimes fail to make a good contact. Fully tighten any locking collar, if using Next Gen plugs then make sure they are correctly aligned to make contact.

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Also double check the input mapping on the 552…


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Thanks for the prompt response. My dealer had warned me about the 2 minutes of silence when you power up the Superline so i was good with that .
Re the RCA plugs i am using what is on my Michell Deck (pic attached) . i don’t know whether these are Next Gen or not. I do have another turntable so i will give that a try as well
I guess the good news is you are saying that all my connections look ok , yes ?

Yes, connections sound OK. Tony makes a good suggestion about the input mapping on the NAC552.

Do those plugs have locking collars? You could try the BNCs with some 50ohm adaptors, just to see if it’s a mismatch between those plugs and the Next Gen sockets.

Thanks Tony , i have tried all inputs with no luck, or do you mean something else by “input mapping” ?

Richard they dont have locking collars . I have ordered some BNC adapters which will hopefully be here tomorrow, fingers crossed

The 552 has inputs which are mappable i.e. the inputs on the back can be altered to match to the buttons on the front panel.

Of course, if none of the inputs are ‘active’ when fed by the Supercap, this suggests no signal.

See below, section 4. If your 552 is on factory settings, input 3 (per diagram) should be tuner, which is how my Supercap to 552 is hooked up.

If not, act per instructions to allocate the input as required. IIRC, you will need good light/access to see the flashing indicator on the rear of the 552.

Input mapping is as HappyListener describes…

BNC adapters arrived and connected , no joy im afraid. Looks like i will have to wait for my dealer to return , thanks for all the feedback and suggestions

The Burndy - does it say on it Superline/Snaxo on the yellow label near the Superline?

My label is green not yellow, hence the question.

If you connect the Superline to the NAC552 AUX2 (remember to refit the link plug in the Superline) does it work OK?

Looks like you have found the problem Happy Listener . My dealer didn’t supply a Burndy with the Superline and it looks like a dedicated one. I have been using the one I had with my Supercap !

Hi Richard
I will try this tomorrow

Yes it’s different to the Supercap/Pre-Amp one and if memory serves has to be ordered separately i.e. it doesn’t come with the Superline as, of course, the Superline can be powered several ways.

The Superline uses the SNAXO Burndy. Terry, please do try your Superline off the AUX2 just to ensure all is OK with it.

So we are finally up and running but nothing is simple in naimland is it :slight_smile: When i connected the Superline to the 552 initially it didnt work but i had power and i could hear faint music so i knew I was close. I then managed to find my way around mapping inputs and yes input 7 had been assigned to the RCA. I then had music from my vinyl but only one channel. I assumed something must have gone wrong with the Superline but then realised that in all my fiddling one of the speaker plugs on the 500 had become disconnected ! So with that back in we were there and i have to say that it does sounds very impressive just being powered by the 552 , cant wait to hear it with the Supercap. I have now told my dealer which burndy to order ( yes i know , it should be the other way round!!) and hopefully that will be here in a week or so - thanks for all the help and support it wouldn’t have got fixed without you guys

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See below for full update but i am up and running and the correct Burndy is on order - thanks for the help and advice

Had assumed that the dealer would have lent you the appropriate Burndy as part of the SuperLine home demo, so didn’t even think about that being the culprit!!! But at least the nod towards input mapping helped as well.

Glad you got it sorted in the end.

Enjoy the SuperLine - it’s certainly a superb phono stage.