Dealer Relationship

In my view there are two ways, perhaps more?, in buying something. If its a CD or a basic item where no real decision is needed you may as well buy it on-line, assuming you know what you want. Not helpful to “bricks and morter” stores but that’s the way it is.
Looking at Naim product distribution, the lower end of the range is in John Lewis and others, but going up the range we are back to Naim dealers only. Some will only supply if you walk in the shop. That seems OK to me and for a £5K product a sensible way to go. Buying and selling should be a “win/win” for both parties.
If you form a relationship with a dealer they get to know your likes etc and that’s only a good thing. They might reduce the price a little but they need to make a living. What’s wrong is to pick their brains and go elsewhere just to save as much as you can. You can then end up the looser.


I’ve being buying from the one dealer in Sydney since 94. He has allowed me to take stuff home to audition and in the beginning allowed me to pay it off interest free. Known him that long I consider him a friend.


Naim dealers come in all configurations. Happily, we have a dealer who we get on very well with because we both love music first. But regardless of the dealer, Naim don’t just talk the talk, and they don’t expect their dealers to either. If you need after sales service, you’ve got it. No questions no arguments.

Helen and I have received, over the past 20 years or so:
An XPS2 with bald patches on the case finish.
A CDX2 with a loose phono socket.
A 552PS with a banana shaped front panel.
An NDS with a crooked screen.
A 552 which was sent back for strip down and rebuild because it didn’t sound good enough.When it came back, Jason from Naim and Ian, our dealer’s installer came around, broke down the system, resoldered plugs onto our NACA5, rebuilt the system and spent some time with us, listening to it.

Such has been the professionalism and civility of the dealer and Naim when handling these issues, that we never hesitate to go back.

We also received a pair of black B&W802D which has a scratch. It turns out that B&W can walk the walk too. Same dealer, so no surprise that it was handled so well.

As with anything else, it takes time to build relationships, assuming both parties are amenable to doing so. Some customers are terrors and some dealers don’t care. Some dealers and customers just don’t mesh. It happens. This applies universally. First impressions are usually correct.

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I live in Bristol but bought my Nova from a dealer in London due to a better trade-in on my Superuniti, when my Nova went up in smoke, Naim agreed to replace it but only through my supplying dealer. As I do not trust to send it via post (my Unitilite was “lost” by DPD) I had to drive to London to pick the replacement up, I asked if I could do it via my local dealer or even drive to Salisbury as it’s closer but they wouldn’t allow it. The supplying dealer was great but it cost me £40 in petrol and half a day of my time.

Hard to build relationships when I only ever upgrade once every 5 years or so don think they know me from Adam. When I have been back to the dealer over my Atom service was ok but nothing stellar. No home demo offered, but he did say a full refund would be given if not happy with it. However I did get my Atom for the original launch price and not what it ending up going up to which was a nice gesture. Not sure I would use them again, but would mean going much further a field.

I have a bit of the tale of two dealers. My local dealer, from whom I bought my original system in 2011 (Nait XS, NDAC, UServe) was never STRONG in Naim and over the years is even less so. It’s not his sweet spot, and he displays very little. And as I understand it, he cannot sell the ND555 as he does not display it (a rule from the distributor??). His sweet spot is Spectral, Moon, dCS and Magico.

So I’ve migrated to a dealer who is 1000 miles away and we work by text, phone, email and parcel delivery. I have home demoed at no risk to me other than shipping costs. He likes engaging in the trade in/trade up business which is perfect for me. And when my ND555 had an issue, he arranged a swap for a new one very quickly.

I still have a very good relationship with my local dealer. He let me home demo 2 pairs of speakers late last year and I bought my Magico A3’s from him. He treats me very well, and I refer others to him, etc. He simply doesn’t keep the Naim on the floor I’d want to hear, so it’s not an issue that I go elsewhere for it.

As others wrote, many dealers are enthusiasts themselves. If you show them your enthusiasm, respect their time, and spend a little money with them if you can, most will help you out with something you didn’t buy from them. Now if you show up with, “Hur hur hur I paid $500 less for this than you wanted to charge me for it,” they SHOULD show you the door when you beg for help.

You can talk to Naim support for advice, but any repair work ir servicing, under warranty or not, is always dealt with via a dealer.

My dealer is signals…
Alistair and Andy are as other dealers should aspire to be …
Enough said …

It’s a 100 mile round trip to Moorgate Acoustics but well worth it. :blush:


I have no trust or respect for my local dealer in spite of them being Naim agents for 20+ years so I deal with Tom Tom Audio who are over 100 miles away but always look after me very well. Not all dealers are the same and Naim seem to tolerate some complete tossers - don’t assume they will be good just because they have a Naim franchise.


Have to agree, a delight to visit and buy from.

Depends on the dealer and how frequently you visit them. I have dealt with plenty of dealers who have forgotten me after a month and there is no point in just popping in for a chat because they are not really amenable to that sort of behaviour.

The dealer I currently use isn’t like this at all. It’s somewhere we always visit when we go into town. Even if just to use the facilities or get a beverage - if they are not busy. It’s also how we’ve managed to snap audition so much equipment down the tears. If something new or unusual has come in they are always keen for their more regular visitors to get an ear on it.

In our previous residence we had a local Naim dealer (although we did not use Naim at the time) who sounds more like your Nova dealer. They still got plenty of money off us, but probably not so much over the long term.

Since this has become a dealer promoting thread, I will put a shout out for Audience Bath. Can’t fault them in any way. They have customers all over Europe who once lived in Bath and continue to patronise Audience. It’s not difficult to see why.

A good relationship with a good dealer is very worthwhile. I have bought Naim kit over the internet, saving money on the purchase, but don’t go down that route anymore, I value the help and advice my dealer provides when I require it. If he is a couple of hundred dearer for a purchase by the time I factor in trade in and technical assistance to me it’s a better deal. You can get a better price but you own the problem and have to find the solution as opposed to your dealer. A recent experience of this, I bought an Innuos Zen server and had real difficulty in transferring files from my existing Unitiserve, they worked at it and got a solution.
Also if I have issues with Naim he chases them up, which recently has been invaluable.

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Sadly a lot of good dealers get squeezed out. The old forum was rife with tales of the self entitled that demanded a dealer give them the full personal service, match the price of Richer Sounds and discount retailers, chuck in freebees, and give part exchange on old junk. Plenty of documented outrage at not getting all of the above.

No wonder decent dealers are going out of business.


Due to moving a few times as I started out in my Naim owning experience I changed dealers a few times. However, since living in Sussex I have had a longstanding relationship with one dealer, Jefferies as it was when I began it, now part of Audio-T.
I trust them and seek advice about upgrades and changes to my system over the last 30 or so years. I have purchased new and secondhand from them and always received excellent service as have many others. What I like most about Julian, Paul and John is that they treat you equally well if you are buying an entry system or a top of the range Linn - Naim system. If you have Linn, John is one of the best people in getting the best out of a Linn.
My view is a good dealer relationship helps you get the best system for you at all budget levels, they offer guidance, stock products they believe in and will find out what is important to to. They won’t try to make a fast buck from you, instead will want you to be a returning customer.

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Practices do vary widely, UK vs. US. The tales of service from dealers in the UK sound overall far more geared to in-home and personalized service. That’s rarer here, but still exists. Or maybe we just have fewer States-based participants.

When enquiring about in-home setup of my recent speaker purchase I was informed that that’s a service they charge for by the hour. I decided to do the positioning work myself. Now if I had purchased $75,000 Magicos instead, maybe there’d be no hourly charge? I didn’t ask; no reason to.


Oh absolutely. After leaving the UK 20 years ago I realised that they are probably the best dealers on earth. Partly because they can be with such a small island to cover. Many of their services are just not practical in the rest of the world.

There was some particularly vitriolic opinions from UK members on the old forum that were close to stating, if the dealer made one penny above break even then they were ripping off the customer. I’m exaggerating of course, but the sense of entitlement was, in my opinion, off the charts and explains why so many have such a hard time these days.

The point I’m getting at, is forgo the dealer relationship at your own risk. The additional services they provide instead of bargain basement prices are generally worth more and can save you money in the long run by avoiding short lived unsatisfactory purchases. Of course, if some people do feel they know better and don’t value the dealer’s advice or demo facilities, then they are probably better suited to lower cost, least involvement relationships. And that can be fine. God knows, there are a lot of know-it-all on the forum (sayings involving pots and kettles do spring to mind, I admit).


This is true, Linn & Naim being based in the UK, has me communicating with Tom Tom, and Signals. And I reside across the pond, in search for an SCDR! Nice guys, I almost pulled the trigger! Shipping and insurance/main conversion.

Yes i saw the Supercap had gone from the Signals site…they are just up the road for me…much easier for me.