Dealers who will Px - North West

Does anyone know of any dealers in the NW who would Px my old NAIM for a new NAIM setup ?

Without this thread turning into a potential sales ad, or one favouring certain naim dealers over others, I would suggest you ring around some dealers and see what they say. Certainly there are some Naim dealers who are well known for giving good p/x on old Naim kit but you may need to travel if you’re located in the North West. As ever, it’s a conversation you need to initiate.


My dealer, who happens to be in NW England, is generally happy to take your kit in part exchange and normally sells it on ebay on your behalf, with the proceeds, less expenses, left for you to put towards whatever you want to buy.
Not sure I should name them if that is going to be taken as a plug for one particular dealer over another, but in any case I do think it’s worth approaching a few to see who you feel most comfortable with.

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Is there actually anyone in the North West who wouldn’t do this? I’m unaware of any. Maybe a few that recommend others who will buy off you at a decent price but not really an issue as far as I’m aware.

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Trouble with this for some is that it’s very much in the hands of the gods as to what price they realise from their kit. Some may prefer a set price from the dealer so they know where they stand.

This has worked very well for me in the past, and I’ve got better prices than I would have expected from a part exchange where the dealer has to hold onto your trade-in and search for a buyer, so will take a cut.
I’ve noticed that the dealer in question now mostly sells on eBay at a fixed ‘buy it now’ price so you would know in advance what you’re going to get for it.

A dealer sold our traded in XPSDR and 272 on eBay (against 555PSDR). We agreed the cost to change at time of order before the items went on eBay so risk was on the dealer (the price negotiated was based on what I thought the items were worth on used market). 272 went for probably slightly less than I’d expected, XPSDR for a little more. So all round I think both parties were happy with the deal.

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