Dear Naim. Would it kindly be possible

… to add to the Naim App software of the new Uniti range the ability to move the connections in a particular order that suits the user? Or rather than having all the connections listed over three pages at least have them all show in the front page? And perhaps add the ability for the user to add a custom icon to the various connections? Or maybe provide a few options (like you do with the app backgrounds) that the user can choose from?

Small options like these are not too diffcult to do and would improve the user experience (in my view).

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If I understand correctly is it not a case of Naim app -> Settings -> Input Settings and then turn off the ones you’re not using? That will get most if not all on one page like this

Except that you cannot turn off the USB and iRadio inputs for some strange reason, so they still clutter up the screen. I agree that at least you should be able to change the order to tidy things up a bit.

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I hadn’t noticed that you can’t switch those 2 off and I agree that it would be nice to be able to do so as well as dragging and dropping them in any order you like. But for me switching off the ones I don’t use gets it almost how I would have it with the ability to drag and drop so it is no big deal.

I’m able to disable all the inputs in the Naim App on my Ipad.

It depends on what your streamer is. This is not just an app issue - it would involve streamer firmware too.



I recall being told or reading somewehre that turning off inputs in the new streamers and latest uniti range degraded sound quality. Does anyone know if this is fact or as a comb over fan would say fake news?

Changing the order of radio station presets would be good too, can be done on the Muso so why not across the new uniti range also?

Can’t say I’ve noticed any degradation from turning off unused inputs

I think Naim’s official line is that it makes no difference, but I have read two or three times that Jason has advised at Naim dealer demo days etc that it sounds better to leave them all on. So it must be very marginal in any case.



I specifically asked Jason ref any known tricks when installing, and he said leave all inputs active. Plus activate server mode.

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Wouldn’t you want to all the capabilities to be visible during a demo?
I.e. having them visible is good during a demo whether sound quality is affected or not.

He didn’t, by any chance, elaborate on why that would have an effect? Would be interesting to know.

I’m not sure it was deliberate but apparently it’s an artefact of the software. (and this I would assume has the possibility therefore of being variable).

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