Debussy - Clare De Lune

I’m not a collector of classical music mainly because I don’t know enough about it. When I’ve read around the subject there seems to be so much written about which orchestra or conductor takes the prize.
I have a few CD’s typical to those like me who don’t know enough to make informed choices - The 1812 Overture and The Brandenburg Concertos plus “Essential” compilations of Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.
I’m always enchanted when I hear Clare De Lune on film scores and the like and would like it in my collection. The question is which version should I try to find?
Thanks in advance.

I’m a fan of Ansermet, I usually really his work.

So, IMO, this must be a contender. Although everybody’s taste differs.

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I have it one two different CD’s - one is Leon Fleischer’s " Two Hands" and the other is a Japanese guy I can’t recall. Neither sound as good as what I’ve heard on film scores. I guess I’m looking for suggestions for the definitive version. Not easy when it’s so subjective!

Pascal Roget for me

Just goes to show how much I know. I’ve only heard it as a piano works.

My favourite version of the Suite Bergamasque (solo piano version) is by Aldo Ciccolini. If you’re looking for definitive readings, I’d suggest starting with Gieseking. Michelangeli is another top notch Debussy interpreter, but its seems he never recorded the Suite Bergamasque (which now strikes me as odd).

If you don’t have a streaming account, YouTube is a great place to look, especially for older recordings.

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Some guy comments “Got the tabs? I just learned smoke on the water.”


@SteveO As a young man I was introduced to the music of Debussy by my Grandfather who one Sunday morning played me ‘Snowflakes are Dancing’ by Tomita. I thought the whole LP was fantastic and in particular Clare De Lune. There was something about the music of Debussy that really resonated with me - years later I discovered that I share the same birthday!

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Been racking my brains to think of one of the film scores with Claire De Lune that I’d liked. Frankie and Johnny (Al Pacino/Michelle Pfeiffer) was one. The soundtrack shows Ralph Grierson played the piece in the film.
Time to dig deeper …

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The 1948 film Portrait of Jennie incorporates the music of Debussy, which is perfectly suited to the fantasy and romantic elements of the story. However I am not sure if it features Clare De Lune as I only saw part of the movie by chance on a TV broadcast one day.

Sounds good, very good

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