Decent Wine Under a Tenner

The £40 is to buy a share, and you get £20 off your first order. Many of their own label wines are sub £10.


You can also pass on your share in your will!

And that’s very important to the average elderly Forum member.

That reminds me. I haven’t discussed with my daughters that that is a thing.

Both the white and the rosé are favourites of ours.

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I am drinking only one:


I’m surprised to see so many wines from other continents mentioned. With so many excellent wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, but also Germany, Austria and eastern Europe, why encourage all those food miles? We no longer buy wine from other continents, there’s no need as far as we’re concerned.

The one from under a tenner (Euro) I can recommend is Timbrus Saperavi from Moldova.

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I mostly buy wine from South Africa now, basically because if you keep away from the really cheap stuff, I find it better value and more reliable than the same money spent on French wine, although I do like Chablis in particular.

Anyway a very interesting South African
wine is the Misfits made by Ken Forrester. It’s made with the Cinsault grape and the back story on this one is that the winery made a batch with stalks and another without stalks. Then they tasted both, blended them and ended up just adding the two batches together.

It’s a very pleasant undemanding red. And it’s £10 from Tesco, but is often discounted to £9. I have drunk a lot of this!


If a little bit of wiggle room is allowed (supermarkets often seem to offer intermittent discounts of a few quid), this was great tonight from Sainsbury’s for £11:

Under £10 online in various online places.


Absolutely, where’s the antifreeze? :wink:

You’d be lucky to find anything you could actually drink for under 10 bucks here, it is possible for around 20 bucks.


Australian Shiraz based.Waitrose £10.00.
I am only allowed one glass per diem so a high alcohol content is ,for me,desirable.


Only applies to Roman Catholics!

Tesco periodically does special offers on wine, which is the best time to buy. Shopping routinely there (no Aldi or Lidl here), it is simple to just pass through the wine aisle to see if an offer is on. A favourite at its regular special offer price of £6.xx (pre recent duty increase) is Casillero del Diablo Merlot, very good especially given the price, with none of the ‘chewiness’ merlot sometimes has, and the same brand Malbec is not bad at all.

Of course other possibilities present if you travel abroad frequently though since Brexit the customs limit needs awareness. We mainly buy direct from vineyards, where the memory of the seeing and tasting experience are part, and some better monetary value than others, not practical to recommend. However on our last trip when in Italy and visiting Sorrento one day by train I bought a very cheap bottle of wine in a supermarket just out of curiosity, under €2 a bottle, thinking it would do for cooking if not drinking. It was extremely good drinking! A few days later we passed had cause to go into Sorrento again so I bought a few more bottles. Highly recommended if you ever see it!


One thing we’ve found on our travels is that more and more places in both Italy and France - even small vineyards in France - are selling bag in box. There is a snobishness against bag-in-box, but for young wines expected to drink rather than lay down that is an excellent way to buy, especially as the wine will keep for at least 3 months after starting, so not only cheaper to buy, but very suited to having just a glass or two at a time and not needing to finish the bottle.

as an example of superb value was wine bought from a vineyard cooperative outlet just outside Vacri near Chieti in the Abruzzo region. They sold wine by the litre dispensed into people’s own containers, or as 5L bag-in-box. €1.20 per litre.

Red or white: red is Montepulciano, white is Pecorino. The Pecorino was OK, but unlike some bottles of that variety was distinctly better chilled. The Montepulciano di Abraxo, however, was very drinkable indeed, though more so with food than on its own. Absolutely excellent value for money.

Different of course buying in Britain, but perhaps the bag-in-box wines are worth investigating more…


It’s not bad but we usually pay around $23.

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