Decent wired headphones?

Hi all.

Friends and family asking what i want for christmas. To be honest just about any hi fi upgrade is above sensible present money, possibly with the exception of an interconnect. But can you imagine opening that on christmas day!

However i do occasionally listed to music on my work headphones, think telisales style.

Im thinking some new headphones. Any recommendations for wired headphones around £100.

I know they cant be audiophile quality but will sure be a step up from my conference set!

Do you need closed back or are open backed 'phones OK. Full size? Over ear? On ear?

What will you use them with (i.e. how easy to drive should they be)?

Please dont just consider SQ when choosing HPs.
Comfort is critical. Yes I know its hard to judge that prior to purchase, but the same goes for SQ.

There are differing ear cup materials, squeeze pressure on head and top band comfort. Some phones can really be hard on the crown.

GL anyway and hope what you choose suits.

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sony wh-1000xm3

Wireless, but they have a wired input if you want. I don’t have your head, but a lot of folks find them comfy, including me.

A bit above budget, but I’ve seen them as low as £120 online… correction, 160, that’s quite a lot above budget, sorry

I love mine.

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I ran through a fair number of lockdown headphones to use on Teams!
Sennheiser HD 430 lightweight on ears. Comfortable for me.
Sennheiser HD 205 lightweight, but crucially these clamp my ears and after an hour I’m glad to remove them.
Sennheiser HD25 better quality but just over top of your budget.

Beyerdynanic Custom One Pro. Replaceable parts. Over ears and closed back. You can alter the port of each ear cup for bass. I wear these in bed to listen to music and radio via iPhone adapter. These will be over your budget but not by much. Promoted as a gamer’s headphone. I like mine very much. Clearly not audiophile, but solid and replaceable parts. My end game as a cheaper headphone. You don’t intend to wear them outside of the house?

As has been said, comfort and weight are crucial. Try before purchase if possible.


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I have used Audio Technica headphones for 20 years now in the sub $100 range for listening on the go or a iPad film in bed without waking Mrs.FZ .

Having some serioius high end cans and headphone amp also, I can tell you the Audio Technicas don’d disappoint.

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Not in ear and in a quite office so could be on ear or open backed. Driving with a dragonfly black

Thanks all some great suggestions i will investigate further

Well, if you can get away with open backed then that would likely be my personal preference. Check out the Hifiman 'phones. The 400i may well come in at only a bit over your budget.


Settled on the Grado Sr80x’s

Comfortable, sound good!

I found that as glasses wearer over ear headphones become uncomfortable as they press on the arms of the glasses, which in turn press on my head. On ear headphones seemed to do this less.


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