Dedicated line and which RCCB Deopke DSF2 or 4 Audio

Hi Naimophiles,
My current set up: Naim Uniti Nova + Nap250DR driving SF Olympica II and plan to wire up a dedicated fuse box and power line for the power amp and nova as currently the grid is shared by aquarium which has 2 pumps running constant. On the advice of the forum I upgraded to naim powerlines and connected the nap250dr and unity nova direct to the wall socket.

I am lucky as my building allows for 3 phase power at 240V but feel a dedicated fuse box and dedicated
line will help feed more clean power.

I am about to pull trigger on RCCB Deopke DFS2 Audio(single phase) and was wondering if buying the Doepke DF4 Audio(3 phase) is worth the extra money - 200 euro more? I also plan to use Gigawatt Circuit Breaker G-C16A for each dedicated line.

Please chime in and give me any advice that you may have and whether Naim products benefit greatly when setting up dedicated lines.

It may help in later discussions to know what country you are in, but to answer your question, Naim is all about clean power, hence the Hiccap/Supercap/555PS etc, and a clean dedicated power supply will help keep the noise from your other household appliances effecting the quality (e.g. fridges, electric heaters, hair dryers, those cheap USB power adaptors). It is also often one of the cheapest upgrades you can do.

I am in Hong Kong

Yes I like the idea of clean dedicated power. Not sure if a gold plated wall socket does much - so long as screws are tightened and plugs are properly plugged in

Well some here would rate different sockets, but that may depend on what’s available for your country.

yes i am debating too myself whether I should use normal building supply 10 gauge - 2.5mm wire, or buy the audiophile grade wire which is like $40 a metre.

I’ve never seen anyone on this Forum mention audiophile grade cable. I suppose it depends on how long a length you need as to whether it’s worth a try. The general recommendation here is to use normal 6mm or 10mm if possible. I personally used 10mm Steel Wired Armour. A 2.5mm will give you some benefit, but may not be worth the effort, especially if it’s like the UK 2.5 mm cable where the earth conductor in that cable is only 1.5mm.

SWA is only relevant if the cable needs to be run outside. For inside, standard 6mm2 or 10mm2 is perfectly fine, with no need for ‘audiophile’ cables which, likely as not, are there only to make money from the gullible.

So I ended up ordering the audiograde RCCB switch - single phase, and circuit breaker - 1 pole. I guess that I wont know the true benefit as by the time I install these items, any SQ improvement will be the sum of the parts.

I am tempted to pull 2 dedicated lines; 1 line using audiograde - GigaWatt LC-Y EVO cable; and the other line just normal 10 gauge wire. So will update once this is done for the benefit of the forum.

This is a review I found that covers the wire and breakers that I am talking about:

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