Dedicated mains feed

That’s not the one I had, from memory it contained earlier tracks hence the Elvis content, certainly no Calexico. I’ll dig deeper tomorrow…


That’s a lovely set up. Well done on the new mains supply. Superb job. Enjoy the upgrade the mains supply will bring!

I have been following this topic with a view to putting in a dedicated mains radial. I’ve got everything ready for the electrician ( I’ve done all the crawling through loft spaces) and I notice that my two way consumer unit with rcd isolator is rated 40 amps - I have 32amp type c mcb and am only fitting one double socket. Will this be ok? Using 10 mm cooker wire. It’s a Hager vml402ah 2way consumer unit.
Thanks for your advice

Dont see why not. A double socket can only take two plugs at 13amps each anyway. What you are doing with the mcb is protecting the cable, which at 10mm is well protected. The plug fuses then protect the equipment.

That’s a relief. Thanks, I bought it on advice from electrical supplier who had no idea about hifi dedicated radial and it took three weeks to arrive and elsewhere in this thread it recommends 100 Amp CU.
Sympathetic electrician coming next Monday to connect it all up.
Thanks to all who have made this such a useful thread.

Just to add my experience on the subject…after finally being able to have dedicated lines (20a) set apart from anything that might require non-audio plug-ins (15a for lamps, etc., as well as recessed LED ceiling lights residing on a separate circuit), I can say unequivocally that it is the best upgrade you can do, period. This minor investment in the grander scheme of things versus truly expensive cables, power supplies and so forth nets actual results from the get-go versus a suck it and see or an, ‘I think I can hear’ approach to hi-fi. Having a good, trustworthy electrician come in and perform much of what has been discussed here is worth its weight in gold. IMO, it has been the most obvious and beneficial upgrade to my music listening experience in all of my years in this hobby, and is an often overlooked part of the equation that simply keeps on giving; there is no second-guessing its contributions. It’s simply peace of mind. Hi-fi outlets are a great addition, too.

I love for example that I can flip on a light or that when the refrigerator compressor kicks-in the system is completely unaffected. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t noise on the dedicated line anyway, but it’s greatly diminished, as obviously I cannot control the electricity coming in from outside.

Anyway, very interesting and informative thread. It’s something I would highly encourge anyone to investigate with serious intent. It may seem disruptive and could very well cause marital strife in many cases, but it’s very temporary and in the end a juice that’s worth the squeeze.


I think access is the key. I too have a CU in the garage and the hifi at the diagonally opposite room in the house from the garage, but I was able to (or rather the electrician) feed the cables outside up through the outside wall, through the loft space and down the outside wall at the other side of the house to the plug points (its about 30m, another reason I went for 10mm), all in trunking, so why not 10mm and why not 4 x runs of 10mm (RKRs recipe) for marginal additional material cost. However, I understand that others might have more difficulties with a cable run…

RKR used to recommend getting in contact with your electricity provider to install a 100 Amp main fuse on the basis of installing power showers and normally they would oblige…

Unfortunately I extended above the garage, and that extended loft space is a sort of plastered room, so cant feed through that, however this thread has got me thinking of other routes. In reality I would probably just go 1x10mm into a double socket, then use my Mains block. Actually I think MK do a triple socket also, although probably not un-switched. Anyway there is a light bulb above my head know - let’s hope it doesn’t shatter.

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If it helps I had to replace my old dirty 20 year old crabtree (the recommended socket at the time) switchless sockets for shiny new metal switched sockets in the new extension for cosmetic reasons (matching) and wife pressure and found that practically it made no difference to the SQ. Also the added advantage that I can switch off at the hifi end for occasional maintenance rather than running the length of the house to the CU to find I’ve switched off the wrong component :slight_smile:

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Hi from Sweden, I have just installed my third dedicated mains. I measure the phase (we have three phases) with lowest usage when “all appliances” switched on, I then install a Klangmodul automatic switch box, good wire (Furutech 16 mm2 outer diameter, shielded), shield to ground at box end, then wire to 1 Furutech dcf outlet. Then Audioquest Tornado to Audioquest Niagara 3000. Sounds great! Quiet, dynamic and beutiful! Same impact all three times.


If the wall is plasterboard, you could cut a channel and re-skim afterwards or go over the ceiling or under the floor

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I’ve never installed 10mm armoured before, but looking on Screwfix(UK), it comes in 3 core. So would the outside steel armour be bonded with one of the cores, in which case that gives quiet a decent earthing connection, which presumably helps a lot?

Update: Just checked, from what I can see the amour steel does also connect to earth via a banjo connection (or similar) as well as one of the cores, so that should help effectively give a really good earth connection, which Naim gear loves

Does it need to be armour plated (as long as it’s in trunking)?

You can use either, although armoured cable is usually easier. Running properly installed, sealed conduit is more work, then you’ve got to pull that stiff 10mm cable through it. But your electrician will know that!

Anyone recommend an electrician for this sort of work in the West Midlands? I’m just NE of Brum, in N. Warwickshire. My installation would need to go right round the outside of the house. Our lounge is a single storey extension that doesn’t have any access to the roof space.

It should be fairly straight forward for most electricians, as they will being this sort of work quite often when they supply power to a garage/shed/out-house.

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The electrician I use is excellent, and has experience of installing and fault finding “quiet earth’s”, or whatever they’re called, for computer rooms. He can also install dedicated earth systems, although he hasn’t done mine yet. He’s a great bloke, but he still thinks I’m “f****** mad” :joy:

He lives near Cannock Chase and will travel. PM me for his number.

Thanks, Spanna. I’ve temporarily put my email address at the end of my system details in my profile. Can you email with the details, please? (There’s no PM facility on here.)
(I’ve also tried to message you via PFM - if that’s the same @Spanna!)

Yes they do. I’ve 3 triple mk unswitched sockets (linked) but have used 6mm cable