Dedicated mains setup quote advice

found that other users had them even on their dedicated mains and were recommending air link ones,

got one which would easily power my system (balanced non-filtered) for £300 so thought why not seeing as i did not have a dedicated mains. gave an immediate SQ boost across the board which ican be it only applying some separation and voltage correction of my mains to the hifi

search balanced transformer on forum and is worth a read

For max sound quality you want to explore with your electrician moving to a TT earthing arrangement if you are currently a TNC type earthing arrangement which is typically the default in the UK.

At my home I did this for other non Hi-Fi reasons, but noticed a real benefit in real lower noise floor and a subtly more vibrant audio replay… a fantastic bonus.

I have since discovered this setup is not uncommon in recording studios.

Assuming you live in a house as opposed to an apartment/flat and have reasonably conductive soil, it is not too expensive to convert. I found this of more SQ benefit compared to dedicated mains wiring, which is not that surprising when you think about it.



gents sorry one last question do you have surge protection on your hifi mains RCD CU unit (or is this simply now standard?) sparky has asked the question for the quote and i was not sure (do not think my current CU has surge protection)



no i don’t - but the current recently updated UK regs do require surge protectors if a new install - albeit there are some specialised exceptions

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ok thanks again simon will just go with what electrician says then if now regs for it, can’t see how it would effect SQ any way if stopping overcurrent getting through (surely must be better for protecting the hifi)

Quite. I am sure somebody somewhere will exclaim it’s a night and day difference… but in practice a compliant CU surge protector will I’m sure almost certainly be SQ neutral.

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