Dedicated radial circuits - a new believer!

I had a few small electrical jobs to get done in the house. Having read with interest the old thread on dedicated radial circuits (albeit with a healthy dose of scepticism) I was intrigued at the claimed benefits.

Last week I presented my sparky with the diagram and spec, he said it was no problem, the price was decent so I decided to go for it, fitting three 10mm radial circuits on a separate CU.

The job was finished today and I’ve just sat back with a couple of albums. I’m pleased to report there is a very significant improvement with my LP12 majik (lingo4/Karousel) into SN3 and A7s.

Without ranting on for ages the biggest impact was the new depth in the soundscape. Before it was wide side to side but not much depth back to front. That has changed hugely. The noise floor has dropped even further. Playing albums and it’s almost digital with the lack of noise. Freaky! There is more detail and space between instruments and a very nice uplift in bass presence.

If you are on the fence I’d suggest this is a very cost effective upgrade if you can deal with the inevitable short term mess and disruption. We were decorating anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who posted on the original thread. You guidance and experience made this a very straightforward process and I’m very pleased with the results!


I did the same when redecorating my music room - but I upgraded the system at the same time so I’ve no idea how much difference it makes, except I’m v very happy with the end result. Maybe I should plug it in to the other sockets sometime to compare!

My only problem is I have to move the rack to another corner, so have to move the circuits, but the cabling runs past the new location so isn’t a major job.

It is a fantastic upgrade without doubt.

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