Dedicated Ring Mains

Just had new dedicated mains installed for music system. Obviously I use this for Naim 552, NDS, 300, Phono stage. What about Stax headphone valve amp (SRMT1), Lingo, Raspberry Pi (for Roon)? Should these stay on the “house system”?

Try both. Trust your ears.

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Will do. Just interested in others’ experience

The original Lingo is capable of horribly affecting the Naim stuff. I fixed that on mine by removing the filtered mains and replacing it with an unfiltered version. Received wisdom is to keep SMPSs off the dedicated mains.

Had that done too. Currently having Lingo plugged into “house supply “

But, meant to say initially, huge uplift in sound. Really didn’t expect so much.

I would just keep your Naim boxes on the dedicated supply and everything else in the main house ring.

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I find that practical issues often arise when you start swapping mains cables around. The number of sockets available on your dedicated mains supply might be one limitation. Then there’s the issue of cable dressing. It may be better for the Lingo, or any other box, if it’s on the dedicated mains, but if it makes it harder to keep AC cables and wall warts away from signal cables, for example, it could make things worse.
Every installation is different in this respect, and I find trial and error to be the best way.

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