Anybody use Deezer ‘HiFi’ through a NAIM streamer?

How do you cast it?
Any dropout problems?
Playback quality comparable to Tidal 'HiFi" given the extra bridge?

I stream by bluetooth to Atom. Cant setup from Chromcast…yet…

Bluetooth sound quality is rubbish.

In teory shold be same like by cable, bluetooth send digital signal to Atom, Atom converte it to analog (sound). Atom have very good Bluetooth protocol, I never hear interuption in sound, unlike on other streamer.

You can ChromeCast it to the new systems

But I cant setup :frowning:

What do you mean you can’t set it up? Can you ChromeCast anything? Do you have the full subscription? You apparently can only us Chromecast on Deezer with a full sub.

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