Dekoni Audio Replacement Earpads

I am looking into replacing the earpads of my beloved Sennheiser HD800s – mainly in order to achieve a tighter fit. With stock earpads, the Sennheiser have a fit that is on the “loose” side with my head.

I remember reading that a number of folks here speak highly of Dekoni’s earpads, including users reporting that these provided a tighter fit with their HD800(S).

Looking at Dekoni’s website, I can find 4 options:

  • Elite Sheepskin
  • Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin
  • Elite Hybrid
  • Elite Velour

With no experience with different types of earpads, I wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of these 4 options. For a more informed choice, user experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

Hi NTD, prior to buying the Dekoni pads I also did not have any previous experience and bought them based again on reviews. As far as I remember, (it was probably more than 2 years ago) I bought the hybrid version for my HD660S, these are velour on the outside where pads are in contact with the skin and fenestrated Sheepskin on the inner walls. I went for that option as I don’t think I would have felt more comfortable if these were entirely from Sheepskin, velour is softer and better IMO for longer listening sessions.

The stock ones have shown sings of usage relatively fast, maybe on the first year, and the Dekoni pads now after 2 years are almost like new, I am not a heavy headphones user, but for some late night listening or movies I am with the Sennh’s. I am not able to tell whether there was any difference in the sound reproduction, maybe with the Deconi’s I felt there was a bit more isolation from outside noises, but could have been just a false perception, as these are more comfy than the stock ones. You cannot go wrong with them and are relatively cheap.

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Thanks @realdpg — I haven’t thought about velour providing more comfort in long listening sessions.

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