Delete track from playlist

I have just begun to build a playlist on the Naim app for the first time. I now have a track in the playlist which I want to delete. But I can find no way of doing it apart from deleting the whole playlist and starting again. I assumed the 3 dots next to the track would have the option but it only offers “Play”, “Queue next” and “Queue last”.

Am I missing something or is it not possible?

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I’ve never made a playlist but in the interests of research have just made one with three tracks. I’ve found that to remove a track you simply swipe to the left and hit delete. It’s exactly the same as removing a track from the play queue.

Thanks for the thought. I have tried that but there is no reaction to swiping. A long press allows me to reorder the tracks but that appears to be the only option at track level. This is the android version of the app in case that makes a difference.

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I suspect this must be an Android app omission, in which case maybe worth asking Naim support if this can be added in a future update.
In the meantime, as a workaround, you should be able to delete an individual track from a play queue (assuming this is not another Android omission!) So you can start playing the playlist, delete unwanted tracks, then save the edited play queue as a new playlist.

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Thank you for the workaround which has solved my issue. I have dropped a line to Naim support as suggested covering this point and another blip as well.

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