Deleted playlists return, after i restarted the naim app

Well err … see title… anybody familiar with this issue?
I can rename the playlists, but can only delete them tempirary. When i close the app, and then start it again the previous delete pkaylists are back!
It’s a bit annoying!

Please help, Jan

Playlists in what?
If Tidal, you mean via the Naim app?

Are you using a NAS to store your music? If so, are the playlists stored / saved on the NAS?

Sorry, forgot to say: i mean the playlists of the songs stored on my Synology NAS. I use the naim app for my NDX streamer.

That is what i thought, but when i open the IP address on my NAS therre are no paylists, so i think they are stored in the app self. Like i said: it seems that i have deleted them, but after a restart of the app, they appear again.

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You need to provide a bit more detail here.
What UPNP server do you use for your NAS? I think for both Asset and Minimserver you need to specify the location of the playlists on the NAS (like \Music\Playlists).
How did you create the playlists in the first place? Using the Naim app, or something else like PlaylistCreator?

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If you are using the Naim app to make playlists they are stored on the app.

(It’s also possible to make them on some servers, then they are visible in the UPnP input rather than on the app home page, but it looks like you are not doing this.)

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