Deleting files from Downloads folder

I’m doing some file maintenance and I just want to clean things up a bit. When I delete files from the Uniti-Core’s Downloads folder (Windows 11 file explorer), they still show up in the Naim app. The deleted files still show up in the Naim app even after “Rebuild Music Database”. I checked for duplicates in the Music>MQ folder and there are none. I checked the entire Windows 11 file system for any paths that may have been set up for the deleted files and there are none. Any ideas?

Do they still show up in the Naim app if you disconnect your PC from the network?

What happens if you try to select and play a deleted file?

What is the Naim app running on?

Thank you for the quick response. The deleted files still show up in the Naim app after a network disconnect. The deleted files play OK. The Naim app is running on a iPad mini (5th generation) with iPadOS Version 16.3.1.
When I ran the “Rebuild Music Database”, I am uncertain if it completed successfully (ran overnight).

If the files you deleted from your downloads folder play ok then you haven’t successfully deleted them. So there’s your answer. It should work totally normally so I suggest try deleting them again and check afterwards that you can’t still see them in the downloads folder.

Rebuilding the music database is quite quick. It depends how many files you have but as a comparison my Core with 750 albums on a SSD takes about 10 minutes or so to rebuild the database.

Did you try emptying the bin after deleting the files?

It looks like my file system/disk is corrupt (once a file is deleted, it cannot be seen on my Windows 11 explorer….however, still plays on the Naim app). I purchased my Uniti Core used so I don’t know the background on how the disk was managed. I believe the best approach is to start afresh, and not even bother with reformatting the original drive. Even though not the topic of this thread, any recommendations on a 4TB SSD would be greatly appreciated (I have seen some recommendations on the Samsung 860 EVO).

Definitely go for a Samsung EVO. I think the current one is 870 EVO. I have a 2TB 870 EVO in my Core, but if you need the space then 4TB will also be fine.

FYI. I have had the samsung 860 EVO 4TB in my core for the last year with zero problems.

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