Deleting Files From UnitiServe HD

Calling all UnitiServe and network experts!

Sometime ago I opted to have my UnitiServe make Mp3 copies of all the FLAC albums in the MQ folder. I now have all these backed up (primarily to use to populate USB Sticks for use in the car stereo) and would like to liberate the 300+GB of space the LQ folder is occupying on the US HD.

Unsurprisingly I can’t do this via Finder (I’m using an iMac) and I can’t find anyway of performing a delete of just the contents of this folder within N-Serve (either App or Desktop version).

Is it possible, or am I saddled with these forever?

Thanks in advance!

There is a may to delete the MP3 library using the browser interface. I don’t recall whether or not it’s also possible on N-Serve.

I’ve just spent 30 minutes going through every option on the browser interface, and can find no reference to Mp3 whatsoever. If you can remember where it is and how you get to it, I’d be grateful!

Don’t worry, cracked it! It’s done from n-Serve. A simple right click on the artist or album brings a drop down menu, one option of which is ‘Remove from MP3 Library’. Easy as that!

I can’t open the browser interface right now, but from memory, I think it’s in System > Music Stores > MP3 library. If you disable it there, existing MP3s will be deleted.

Ah yes, I had a feeling there was a simple option somewhere in N-Serve too. I’m pretty sure you can do it to your whole library in one action rather than one artist or album at a time.

Absolutely - just highlighted the lot (4,000 albums!) and deleted. Took about 20 minutes to chew through them all, but done now, and lots of space for another few hundred albums reclaimed! All the MP3s are still backed up on NAS and external HD, so all is good. Thanks for your assistance.

Glad you got there in the end. Once deleted, I would assume that they will disappear from your backup too if you’re using the US automatic backup process, so if you want to keep them, maybe worth making sure you have a copy elsewhere?

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Done - thanks.

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