Deletion Problem Uniti Core

I have been unable to delete a ripped CD from my Core storage. When I use the delete function the album remains on the “albums” screen but in faded form. I can bring the album image back by playing it but it will not allow me to delete it. It has only happened with this one album. Any advice please.


Welcome Neil, might be worth pulling the power cord out and powering back up and retrying

The other thing to try is close the app and restart it.

Ultimately you could use the function in the app to rebuild the Core’s music database (which you can find in the app under gearwheel and then “Other settings”). This takes a while depending how many albums you have ripped, but it will remove your phantom deleted but not deleted album.



Thank you Gazza & David. I’m spending some time tomorrow on my tech stuff and will try your suggestions and update on progress. Thanks again.

I have a similar issue with one ripped CD which the Core will not allow me to edit the metadata or delete the album. Naim support could also not come up with a cure. But they did say that they were aware of the problem and it would be addressed in a software release.

It plays fine and was only one out 800 CDs or so. I can live with that for the time being.

Same issue here, can’t delete a cd, and it was a cd with multiple ripping errors. Worse, having replaced the cd with a new one, the new one seems to rip but actually does not replace the older version

Thanks PW42 & Jammin for the advice. My CD causing the problem is a free sampler CD which came with Uncut Magazine. As with PW42 I will await the software update from Naim.

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