Delivery by the dealer, vs. cash-and-carry

The good news is that my Magico A3 speakers are at the dealer, which is only 5 miles from my home. But they are pretty busy and can’t deliver them today (Friday) or Saturday. A friend and his truck and I certainly could bring them home.

Interestingly, folks in the UK are very used to home delivery and set-up by the dealer, and frankly $10,000 speakers should come with “white glove” delivery and indeed my dealer would do that. But I’m impatient – so why not bring them home myself? They will be happy to come out afterwards to assist with setup if I want. Perhaps after they have a couple of hundred hours on them, which is what “everyone” says Magico needs.

So, a friend and a truck??

Before deciding think of the risk if you have an accident. Insurance…

Better you and a friend than UPS or FedEx like I’ve done.

It’s 5 miles so I’m not too worried about that!

Bart,Am I correct in thinking that you have had them on order for some time if so I would wait a couple of extra days ad get your dealer to deliver and install them.

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Yes on order since late December/early January

Your call. I would not take the risk. 5 miles, getting them in etc.
You asked for comments and I gave mine. And that is wait.

There is of course an obvious third option. Take a sleeping bag to your dealers, camp out and you can listen to them all weekend :wink::thinking:

what is the weight of each?

FWIW, I would wait for the delivery and set-up by the dealer.

…after waiting six months a few more days would be OK, I would have patience and let the dealer do his job.

One mistake, and if I made it, I would be upset for quite a while…

(btw… old guy talking here who made enough bad decisions in his younger days and learned patience is a good thing, at least for me.)

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You are too experienced to even ask such a question. Do what you want!

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Hi Bart - Glad to hear the Magico’s finally arrived. When mine came in I picked them up at the dealer in my SUV, and a friend helped me do the unpacking and install. They weigh around 110lb each, and it’s definitely a 2 man job, preferably with a dolly. The unpacking and setup instructions (which I emailed you awhile back) are pretty straightforward if you follow them carefully. The instructions are on a thumb drive burried deep in the packaging, so it’s best to use the ones I sent before you begin. Let me know if you need me to resend.

I didn’t have the option for the dealer to do the install. If you can stand to wait, I would!

Best - Bob

I don’t think I’ve had to bring speakers I’ve bought home myself since my Mission 700s back in 81. Not the case with those I’ve borrowed to demo but that hasn’t been at my risk, those I may have left a couple of scratches on and I also unintentionally found out how loud a pair of Thiel 1.6s go on a Rega Maia before clipping. Oh the hazards of buying ex demo and one reason I ordered a new pair.

If you mate’s truck insurance covers contents up to the value of the Magicos and he doesn’t mind potentially claiming on it then go ahead but if not and you’d miss the $10k it may be best to wait.

Just go get the speakers…Set up with a helper should be straightforward, probably just screwing in the spikes. Get some hours on them and then let your dealer swing by for final positioning if you desire.

I’ll do what I want anyways, but also “fun” to hear the variety of opinions.

My buddy will be by around 10 am tomorrow and we’ll put my speakers in the back of his truck, suitably padded (the boxes were lost a number of years ago), and we’ll pick up the Magicos. He and I got them into my home for a home demo back in November/December, so we can do it again.


My first speakers, I brought home. The second were delivered by courier. In both cases, I installed. But I’m 170km from the store and enjoy the tinkering. My dealer did the SN2/NDX2 and Nova relocation though, for a day out from the big smoke.

I bought a pair of pre loved Sopra’s on PFM whilst on holiday in Mallorca last October.
Had a couple of family members pick them up from the seller and then the shipping company picked them up from them. They then got shipped via surface mail to Sydney, Australia. I had to then drive a 6 hour round trip to bring them home to Canberra.
Finally had them at home in February.
No worries!

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My dealer has never been within 800 miles of my house. I have bought and set up a 500 system, a full fat Fraim, and several pairs of speakers over the years. Give it a shot and let the dealer tweak it for you. One or two set ups will make you an expert. How hard can it be? Just do it.

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I had to wait a few days for my dealer to home deliver my speakers, but I’m glad I didn’t consider getting them myself. My speakers came in large wooden shipping crates weighing nearly 200 lbs each, and it was an ordeal to open the crates, unpack the speakers and carry them upstairs to my listening room. I’m glad I did nothing but watch.


I always bring my gear home and set it up, my long suffering dealer generally arrives the next day to fix it up. :grin:

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