Denon MC cartridge

…as I did in my distant past, with removable headshels on mass market DDs (1980s).

If the cartridge mounts to something removable like a headshell, subplate like the Schröder or removable arm wand like the Aro then nuts or no nuts makes very little difference.
The Goldring 1000 series are rather fiddly but a better prospect than mounting the Decca’s plastic bracket which has soft easily stripped threads and not much room for nuts when it does.

Well, Ortofon did with their verso version tho they are a bit more $$ than the regular version. They even added a shallower version on the 2M series for a Rega TT. ( so they do not have to use the shim I guess )

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You need a Zen state of mind for the task. :laughing:

The 3 point fixing would have been way more important.

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Certainly true! Recipe for disaster otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using a 103R for over a year on my Technics SL1210 MK2……which is an excellent turntable for home use despite its connections with the DJ industry …

The Denon is a fine performer, conical stylus, there are better MCs obviously but it’s a cartridge that has stood the test of time and use, like the Technics, and they both are well up there with the best IMO ….


I had a Denon DL103D for years. Much sweeter than the DL103S and more detailed than the DL103/R. And the bass has yet to be bettered by anything I’ve had since. Sadly, Denon discontinued this model.


Everyone should have a 103, both for an inexpensive MC spare and to enjoy what it has to offer…well described by others above. I love em. The standard 103 should be about $300. Should be the same performance as the OJAS, though that translucent body is pretty cool

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The Ojas is a 103R.

My mistake! Then the clear body is an extra $50 in the US. It does look awesome!

I should have been clearer, wanted to point out as a response to “It must be the cheapest low output moving cartridge at $500 US”—regular 103 is a lot less than the 103r at $349. I prefer the standard 103 in my system—killer for the money.


Jake… you should visit me in West Seattle. Have HiFi + Wine. Good times.

Chris, absolutely! I’ll bring the wine!

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The cartridge equivalent of an LS3/5a…

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