Desert Island Discs

I have recently been listening to pod casts and catching up on some of the more recent castaways which I had not heard.

This got me thinking about what I would take with me and why. In the spirit of the show it’s tracks that have made a difference to you, been playing at a certain point in time or hold memories rather than just your top 8 tunes Here are my tracks

Like A Hurricane - Neil Young
Hammond Song - The Roches
Laughing - David Crosby
Your Gold Teeth 1 - Steely Dan
Treat - Santana
Coyote - Joni Mitchell
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen
Ruby Baby - Donald Fagen
Streets Of Arklow - Van Morrison
Don’t Let Me Down - The Beatles


I honestly wouldn’t know where to start choosing. I suppose those tracks played at significant moments (normally emotionally charged) could be chosen, but to be honest most of those I wouldn’t give house room to these days!

I’ll have to pass!

Well if I were on a desert Island then perhaps I would like a copy of My Father Was a Lighthouse Keeper by Malcolm LeMaistre and the Incredible String Band, but then again why take songs I could sing for myself (as nobody would hear me), I assume as well as the complete works of Douglas Adams, I get the customary ukulele to rock the nights away. And so restricting myself to 8 is hard and this is my best stab at it (as Brutus said to Julius Caesar). I’d be happy on my desert island as long as I could get Sky Sports to watch the cricket, of course.

Salve Intemerata Virgo (Tallis) from Lamentations of Jeremiah by The Tallis Scholars

Flow My Tears (Dowland) by Steven Rickards (Vocal) and Dorothy Linell (Lute)

Anthems in Eden (Traditional) by Sir Christopher Hogwood and the Early Music Consort of London directed by David Munrow with Shirley & Dolly Collins.

If Music be the Food of Love (Purcell) by Carolyn Sampson

Hebrides Overture (Mendelssohn) by London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado

Jupiter from The Planets (Holst) by London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Adrian Bolt

Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 (Elgar) by London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Edward Elgar

Façade (Walton) by London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir William Walton

These may not be the best versions, but they are the ones I’m familiar with.


I’ve listed 10 but Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen are my reserves. :sunglasses:

This is tricky … do I have 8 sets of classical tracks, contemporary, folk or jazz? Choosing 8 from all genres will mean some will miss out. Any way:
Sibelius, Finlandia
Vaughn Williams, rhosymedre
Vaughn William, lark ascending
Tallis, lamentations of Jeremiah
Richard & Linda Thompson, first light
Fairport Convention, Fotheringay
Sandy Denny, banks of the Nile
Ottmar Liebert, Nouveau Flamenco


8 lovely tracks, but how do you leave the other x thousand behind! I’d spend my first year on the island thinking “bugger, how could I have forgotten…or…or…and…!”


I would like to swap some out every year or so to allow more Sibelius …


When the call comes, you have to be ready:

Miserere - Allegri

Baby You’re A Rich Man - The Beatles

Non, Je n’ai Rien Oublié - Charles Aznavour

Blindness - The Fall

Flying Saucer - The Wedding Present

This Is What’s She’s Like - Dexys Midnight Runners [the one I’d save from the waves]

In Dreams - Roy Orbison

Glacier - John Grant

Luxury: a guitar
Book: (way too hard to decide!!)


Oh and I for got the Allegri, and John Shepherd’s media vita


Beethoven violin concerto, Anne Sophie Mutter/Karajan - My first ever classical purchase, about 40 years ago, still takes me right back there to my bedroom and my Rega 3.

Elton John Someone Saved My Life Tonight. Don’t know why this and not Rocket Man, Daniel or Border Song, it just makes me feel emotional, perhaps the back story has something to do with it.

Bach. Where to start!?! Ok, I will commit to the Goldberg Variations - can I have the set? If not then #1.

Elgar cello concerto. I haven’t got a favourite version, I have Yo-Yo Ma/Previn, which is very good.

Something from Diana Krall. If pushed, Blue Skies, love it.

Rufus Wainwright Everybody Knows. Fantastic Leonard Cohen lyrics, brought to life by the best of camp genius. Love Rufus!!

Nick Cave I’m Your Man. Another vote for Cohen, unique song, gets the hairs up on the back of my neck; makes me think of me begging to my wife, in another life :slight_smile: A weird romantic choice, would remind me of why I love her.

For my last choice, The Beatles and Stones would have to fight it out, probably something from the White Album, Prudence or Sadie - I am saying Dear Prudence.

Needless to say, half of this will different in the morning when I realise Tchaikovsky isn’t there, or Sibelius, or Paul Simon, or, or…

If I could save only one it would be Rufus. He makes laugh and dance and I LOVE it.

Book would be Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams, no one uses words like DNA. This will not change - it has always been the choice since I first read it on the first day of publication. I have bought tens of copies to give other people. Brilliant. I even have an unedited draft and the CD Rom with all the photos taken on his trips, and the man reading the text. I like it a lot.

Luxury… hmmm, tricky. Booze or creative. Toss up between a few dozen cases of quality mixed-reds and a full oil painting kit… but it’d be the wine, to take the edge of the evenings - days would be fine, I like my own company when I’m busy… but the nights would be tricky.


What no Bach?
Violin concertos or Goldberg variations?

Beethoven String Quartet No. 16;Op. 135 - Alban Berg Quartet

Bach Goldberg Variations - Angela Hewitt (2015)

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 - Nikolaus Harnoncourt & Chamber Orchestra if Europe

Joni Mitchell - Refuge of the Roads

Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall

Mary Black - Bright Blue Rose

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Fairport Convention - Meet on the Ledge (one of the live recordings from Cropredy)
The must have record would be Meet on the Ledge, it was playing at two of the most important moments of my life.

Book - Lord of the Rings

Luxury - Supply of black pepper and other spices



Hammond Song is a beautiful track!

Another Roches fan here :slight_smile:

And @Camphuw

Agree…we all need MORE Sibelius!


Now that is what I call class …
I enjoy the peppers from Roellinger but always on the look out for good pepper

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Whatever the music and whoever the guests, BBC please get Kirsty back as soon as she’s well enough.

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