Desktop Client version not comptatible this latest HDX software

Not been here for a while.

I had hard drive failure of HDX and this was sent back to Naim for new drive and at the same time upgraded to latest HDX software Version 1.7C. This now shows the following error on DTC…

“The music server you are connected to is running a newer version of the system software. It is recommended that you upgrade this application to the most recent version.”

I have dropped a line to Naim support but appreciate that they may not be able to respond in the near future.

Also I require instructions on how to set up the destination folder on the backup monitor. I have NAS set up working prior to reinstall of Win 10.

Hopeful that one of you very knowledgable fellow Naim devotee can help??

This is normal when running an HDX or UServe on v1.7C. But it is not an issue, just close the pop-up window and carry on. DTC itself is unlikely to be updated.

The Backup share on your NAS should be visible in the DTC Music Shares listings and will need to be moved to become a Backup Store again. If it won’t “move”, there is possibly a “control.ini” file present in the share’s top directory that may need to be deleted to allow the share to be used as a back-up store. The HDX will then insert this .ini file as part of promoting the share to being a Back-up store, if I am not mistaken.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your comments Tony.
Regarding the backup in the DTC, I am not sure where the music shares listing is.
Previously it was set up via Maintenance - Backup Monitor. I have the source drive but the Destination box will not show any text, where as before it would show my NAS.

If I go the Scannable Music Shares I can see my NAS (Diskstation) as hdxbackup but do I need to change one of the settings on the RHS menu here? To get it to show as a destination in the Backup Monitor?

Yes, that’s the trick.

There should be a button on the RHS that allows you to select the share as the back-up destination. It will then appear in the Backup Monitor section as you were expecting.

Thanks - but there is nothing showing under backup monitor in the Destination box for me to add.
The DiskStation is showing as and hdx backup under scannable network shares.
Have I missed something??

Mine is running fine with DTC - also 1.7c version.
But I do have an old dog of PC… (psst … XP… psst)

Thanks for the comments so far…but has not really solved my problem; which is:

How do I set up a backup in the DTC under backup monitor?
The NAS is discoverable but I cannot see how I can add this as a Destination? Where or how is this done to set up a backup?

Anyone else had the same issues??

The DTC for 1.7c is the same as for 1.7b, but different to 1.7a or earlier. The 1.7a or earlier DTCs don’t work at all with 1.7b or 1.7c.

Anyway the point is that you can download the DTC for 1.7b from Naim’s website, so you don’t need to wait for Naim technical support to get back to you.



Thanks David

The problem is not with the version either 1.7C or b, as this appears to work fine ie communicates with HDX.
I am trying to set up the backup, the settings of which were lost when I upgraded from Win 7 to win 10.

I’ve always found that the best way to manage this stuff is via the browser interface, found by entering the IP address of the HDX into any browser window on your computer. It’s this interface that is described in the manual, when it explains how to set up music stores, network shares, backups, etc. so maybe worth you having a look.
I suspect that your updated HDX no longer sees the old backup as a backup for the music folder on its new drive. If you can’t solve this by following @BasicallySound’s instructions above, it may be easier to just start a new backup from scratch, assuming that your HDX came back from service with your music files intact.

Thanks for the info Chris.
I tried setting up with the HDX IP address but doesn’t this only give me the HDX screen, as shown on the device itself? It allows me to set up everything that I could at the HDX itself, including internal backups to the HDX. What I am trying to do is get the DTC to allow the creation of a backup to my NAS, as a remote storage location. I have had this working before my PC was upgraded from W7 to W10. I am looking to set up the backup destination folder in the DTC so that I can run a differential backup if a new cd is ripped to the HDX.

How do i access the instruction on the Basically Sound website? Can’t see anything there.

Yes, the browser interface is essentially the same as the front display. As a Unitiserve owner, I’m not sure, but I seem to recall that there may be a few screens that are only accessible via the browser, but don’t quote me on that. Either way, I’m suggesting that you try using that instead of the DTC.
On your NAS, have you tried creating a new empty folder to use as a backup as per the instructions in the manual. It might help to have a look at these instructions, although they are rather dated they still give you the general idea:

Thanks Chris - I shall have a look at the Synology instructions.
I am sure that I need to make a new external storage share via the browser login but am not sure of the path to use. I think then that I can “add new music backup” from the share I have created, but not quite there yet. If I can figure out the path to the diskstation then I might crack it.

The NAS itself has and is already set up t receive backups from the HDX, so don’t think there is much I can add there.

One thing you should be aware of if setting up a new backup folder is the need for it to be completely empty, otherwise it won’t work. The manual does tell you this, but what it doesn’t explain is that your computer often sticks a hidden file in any folder it creates. So when you create the folder, don’t even open it, just name it. Then go to the browser interface and follow the instructions from there.
This used to catch out virtually everybody who tried it, so if you already have a folder you were trying to use for backup, just delete it and start with a new one.

Not something we have detailed on our website. Simply trying to help via the forum posts.

If you wish, give me a call today and I can try to run through this with you.


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Just got off the phone with Tony at Basically Sound who spent 45 minutes with me in setting up the new backup in my NAS and new Share in the HDX, now all running brilliantly.

Thankyou Tony - cannot recommend you highly enough and top knowledge in the world of Naim. Once again many thanks for your help.


Glad to have been able to help, Owen.

Just seen this - fantastic work Tony! Many thanks for your help with this.

Just the kind of support that we like to see.


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Thankyou all for your help and now safely all backed up. It took nearly 30 hours and with no errors.
Once again many thanks.

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For info, there is 1.7c version of the Desktop Client software that doesn’t give the message on startup regarding incompatible versions. This 1.7c version of the DTC software is shipped on the 1.7c firmware update CD.

The German Naim distributor ‘Music Line’ also has a copy on their website available for download:

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