Desktop client

I have had to buy a new laptop due to motherboard failure
I can’t find my desktop client disc to install it on my new laptop
Where could I get a replacement?

What client, what OS?

Download link here:

If you need the desktop client to work with a Naim server having 1.7c firmware then you need to get the upgrade CD from Naim and the compatible desktop client is on that CD.

Yes, I’m running that firmware. Will my dealer be able to get the CD for me or direct from Naim. Thanks

Your dealer will probably have it. But if you ring Naim Support, they should be able to mail it to you.

Or @robert_h may be able to point to an online place you could find it…

There you go, just burn the iso image to disk, or open direct if your os supports it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go

It worked, thank you

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