Devialet 140 pro

Hi. about 2 months ago i bought a Devialet 140 pro amp/streamer. The sound is very detailed and clean sounding, however i feel sort of detached from the music, im not as involved in the music, something is missing.
I previously had naim nait 5i and naim cd5xs, but with different speakers. i still have the cd player.
I have listened to the supernait 1 together with my cd5xs, and it sounded a little boring. actually i feel that the nait 5i sounded more involving than supernait 1,
How does the nait 5si sound compared to the supernait 1??

You don’t say what the speakers are (or source). One thing with the Devialet is to turn off the DPM if you have it on. It kills the music.

Devialet aside, it sounds like you have changed speakers so you’re comparing the SN1 with your present speakers compared to the 5i with different speakers. A bit more detail about your present setup would be useful…

With reference to your new purchase I think you’ve just been “hifi’d” just sayin

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I think the SN1 needs a HiCap to come alive (see end of SN2 vs SN3 thread). Another possibility would be to use the CD5XS as transport into nDAC perhaps into Nait XS. I had a CD5XS/nDAC for many years and thoroughly enjoyed it. You’d have a nice visual match as well. This assumes access to the second hand market, so apologies if this doesn’t apply where you live.


I can’t opine on the 5si, but when I auditioned the Devialet I reacted the same as you. Initial impressions were quite favorable, but something was nagging at me that it would not last.

Buyer’s remorse aside, the OP changed multiple variables. So it’s hard to be absolutely sure if the lack of engagement is down to the Devialet, the speakers, or the interaction of the two.

I’d suggest avoiding throwing good money after bad. Maybe borrow other speakers to see if you get the groove back but if not, sell it on and move on.

I’ve trod the line between Devialet and Naim for a while having moved from Naim in my main system a few years back to Devialet, albeit with a 220 Pro. I do enjoy both brands and having owned Naim kit for most of the last 30 years will probably come back to full time Naim ownership when something appealing comes along again (272 replacement ?) that betters my current setup without needing a ton of boxes. I did give Naim a go again a few years back when i was contemplating upgrading to the new Expert range and whilst i thought the 272 / 250 DR bettered the Devialet 200, the new 220 was better to my ears and so i went that route. The new streaming board (a free upgrade as part of the upgrade package) upped the ante even further and with Roon RAAT compatibility introduced and a move myself to Roon earlier this year, this was the icing on the cake.
One box in the lounge (ok a Roon Nucleus and Cisco 2960 supply the music but are located elsewhere) now does it all. More power, get another 220 and mono them or even (say with Kudos Titans) go active - it’s very easy.

If PRAT is your end goal then Naim still excels here but for the moment i’ll take being 90% of the way there for the ease of ownership and the consistency in sound that Devialet provides. A system such as the one owned by Nigel (HH) does still appeal to me - a sensible amount of boxes (and only two mains plugs) but it would need to be based around the latest NP800 streaming platform to give me the services i need (come on Naim ,where is that 272 replacement ?)

Anyway to get back on topic, as is usual in the Hi-Fi game, audition first, take your time and buy what makes you happy. No need to follow the herd…

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I did enjoy music today listening to the devialet. And i do love the detailed and clear sound, at the same time easy to listen to. I did also try out naim nova, i did prefer the devialet.
maybe i just need to relax and give it some more time

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