DFF files via ND 555 cause crashes

Hi guys, I found out that since the latest firmware upgrade streaming of DSF files is still working perfectly, but DFF files are resulting in a crash after 5 to 6 minutes playing. With the previous firmware it was working perfectly, but now the ND 555 crashes and restarts. Anyone focusing the same problems?

I’ll try here at home. (I think I have one album in .dff) Tagging @pocklefo and @Will.

Well Roon did its job, I searched my 19,000 tracks and it found my .dff files. Roon has a nice powerful search tool.

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You probably don’t need me to tell you that Roon converts DSF to PCM, so any issue caused by feeding DFF to the Naim streamer by other means (UPnP?) would likely be avoided.

Best reported through the Naim Tech Support channels so R&D can properly review.

Thanks for your replies.

I have send an email to Naim Tech Support.

Yeah I thought of that as soon as I started playing the files with Roon. Then remembered I’d uninstalled all my media servers from my nas. I’ll still give it a go once I have Minim or Asset back running and streaming via the Naim App.

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