Dialectric Chemistry Glue Solvent Question

I have received some Lapp Olflex 110 Classic CY cable that arrived with very strong glue on it.

The glue seems to have come off the back of thick packing tape that had been applied to quite large parts of the ends of the cables.

How can I get the glue off without damaging the dielectric?

With a solvent - and if so which one?

Soap, warm water and a sponge??

The outer sheath of the cable is transparent PVC with Tinned-copper braid inside it.

If you use something that ruins the pvc, they have a get out. Best to contact the supplier and send pics of the cable they supplied.

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No need for chemistry. What appears to be some faulty goods have arrived. Send them back.

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If the glue is on the end of the cable. Just cut off the end of the cable, or try a bit of white spirit.

It all depends on what the glue is! Sometimes, especially on a flat surface, it can work to re-apply and rapidly lift off a part of the label that still has stickiness, doing repeatedly as required. Otherwise with solvents I’d try first IPA, which generally offers least risk of damaging anything, then in approx increasing order of damage risk, white spirit, acetone, toluene

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My electrician says he will clean it off with IPA.

I’ll go with that as to return the cable I’d have to postpone the installation which is planned for Tuesday.

This page says that IPA has an “A1-Excellent” effect on PVC, which is the least damaging category in this table:

Yes, that fits mg indication of IPA being least damaging. However IPA does nog remove all adhesives encountered with labels, hence my inclusion of more aggressive ones to try if IPA doesn’t work.

Best with more aggressive solvents is minimum contact time. If they dissolve the insulation of make it sticky then as someone suggested just cut off the end.

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Something simple like a ‘sticker remover’ typically works fine. White Spirit or Benzine (not sure what is the correct UK translation) works good for glue-type residues too.

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The juice from a lemon or orange gets most sticky stuff off, without damaging the parent material.

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BTW - is this the cable for your dedicated spur/ring?

Yes, one cable is Lapp Olflex Classic 110 CY 10mm sq.

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