Did anyone here buy Young Americans upon its release?

I had “do you remember President Nixon” as an ear worm yesterday so listened to the album last night.

It must have been some shock at the time. I’d love to hear more about forum member’s relationship with this Bowie album.

It’s not one I’ve listened to much in the past but gave it 3 full run throughs last night and it certainly has more, much more, on repeated listens than is first apparent.



Yes I did! Still my favourite Bowie album with Somebody Up There Likes Me quite possibly my favourite all time track.

I can play the intro to Win and Right on guitar and just love Win such a great track. David Sanborn’s echoplex Sax is sublime.

At school much talk about a Bowie album with only 8 songs! The Young Americans edited single had been out a few months before so the change in direction had already been anticipated.

At the time we didn’t know that Who can I Be and It’s Gonna Be Me had been ditched to make way for Across The Universe and Fame.

John I’m Only Dancing (Again) appeared on Bowie Rare but it was a while before we heard the brilliant After Today. So I guess there was the makings of a double album.

The quality of this album in terms of song writing and musicianship is truly amazing.


I bought this great album the day it was released and played it to death.
Put it straight onto cassette so I could sing along in the car.
Still gets played regularly here.
I’ve accumulated a few vinyl and CD copies Over the years since it’s release.
Last one in the Bowie vinyl box set.


I remember when it arrived a lot of people were disappointed, they were concerned by Bowie’s departure from Rock and Roll. I’ve always had a copy, the tile track and Can You Hear Me my favourite tracks


I can only echo all of the comments in the previous posts,what a fine album,Bowie was always ahead of the game,his changes of direction were just one of the facets of his character that made him so interesting.


I did. Still have it.
And I agree…great album.

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I was only 6 when the Young Americans came out, but my first Bowie album was recorded at the same time:


Yep I bought it fairly soon after it came out but initially wasn’t overly impressed.
Over the years I have grown to really like it.

I bought the album soon after it came out with money from my paper round. I copied it to cassette fairly early and played that version until it was trashed at a party when I was a student. The vinyl copy still gets played from time to time, although I mostly listen to FLAC rips of CDs these days.

Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes and Aladdin Sane are my favourite Bowie albums and are played the most, but all of his albums are good.

and the wonderful voice you hear in the background is (a young) Luther Vandoss

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