Did you Finish the System

That is a very interesting book. I didn’t always agree with the opinions expressed, but it’s good to have your musical judgments challenged.

It is - it’s still a work in progress as I’m just reaching the end of the Sixties. I’ve confirmed I don’t like American Country & Western, I can’t get on with the likes of Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa, I’ve discovered a love of Jazz and most surprising for me I rather like English Folk from the period. I now play the first Pentangle album a lot :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I burned a lot of money on Naim/dCS/ATC/Totem/cable upgrades before I recently bought a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, I can now tweak to my heart’s delight through software using room correction and voicings to improve the sound, enjoying this approach to ‘finishing’ the system without incurring expense :slight_smile:

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Nearly, I made the mistake of not putting the supercap on the superline, using it on the 282 instead but apart from that my system at 282/250-2 level was complete with CDX2/555ps, Rock mk2(no trough)/Aro/17D3 NBLs, Fraim, powerlines and dedicated radial. Then I went and ruined it with a 552 and had to start all over again at 500 level, further complicated by retiring and moving to France. Only the NBLs, Fraim, powerlines and sl/sc remain, even the 555ps got DRed but now complete again but for curiosity and the fact Naim have had my 555ps in for repair to a faulty switch for nearly three months now.

Hmmmm! I wonder what that CD555 that just started with a 0.99p bid will go for? Maybe just one more upgrade :smiling_imp:

Interesting, what did the Lyngdorf replace and how do you find it in comparison overall.

It has been a journey through UQ2/Arros, NAC272/monoblocs/Mani-2s, dCS Bartok/ATC 19A, Atom/Proac Tab 10s, Powerlines/TQB II/Mogami etc etc. Not only upgraditis but also improvements needed via kit or cables. Best sounding combination was probably Bartok/ATC actives.

Not having unlimited funds or the luxury of a dedicated/treated listening room, I decided to demo the Lyngdorf. I like the clean, clear, powerful presentation (irrespective of dB level) and voicings (set according to recording quality and mood e.g. late night/daytime). Above this the key benefit is RP room correction IMO. It worked very well in a long narrow room, then after recalibration sounded just as great in my larger L-shaped room. I click on bypass to A/B demo RP. For me, it just works.

Source/DAC/amp/speaker choice is of course important. But I can now hear very clearly how much room interaction affects sound quality. I now have a powerful streamer/integrated amp with excellent room correction at the Nova price point.

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It’s when you start enjoying your music and stop listening to your system. It’s when you don’t feel the need to fiddle, adjust and tweak just a little bit more. It’s when you stop wondering what else is hiding in music you thought you knew.

It can happen. Does it last forever? I’ll get back to you on that.


It sounds like a good and healthy idea, although it makes music look like a sort of methadone…
But thanks.

This is definitively spot-on about audio…

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Wait… Is there a finish? :joy:

Jokes apart, there “might” be an end if the person knows what he’s looking for within the reasonable limit of his finances… And I don’t mean that he already knows the right gear but the type of sound signature that suits his taste (this implies a lot of tests in the first place). After that, the search could fade if the Hi-Fi system is balanced and chosen carefully, without a rush.

Very good point but there may be many female contributors here as well :wink:

Some might be lucky, some not :grinning:

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Eddie Gómez, the Puerto Rican double bassist, known especially for his work with the Bill Evans Trio from 1966 to 1977?


I left school aged 16 and spent my first years wages on a hi-fi system.

I was a punk.

I bought a hi-fi magazine, and it was full of all these graphs of measurements of frequency curves, and this dense incredibly boring serious text all about the technologies involved.

I just loved the music and the gigs and dancing.

I loved Rockclimbing, Mountaineering, motorbikes and drinking and girls.

I swore never to read another hi-fi magazine again, and I’ve stuck to that now aged 59.

I always had hifi and records.

I bought an all-Naim system in 2004 and Thoroughly enjoyed listening to it for the next 15 years, without changing anything about the system, and without even setting it up properly.

Then I stumbled on the Naim forum and Fell into the clutches of hungry halibut, ChrisSU, debs, Bob the builder, et al.

They released the inner nerd.

But they also opened up a new world of music to me, that I knew and hoped was probably over a horizon, So in the end, I’m very happy indeed.

I’m on a plateau of musical enjoyment that I never thought I would reach.


No, the band Gomez. I have liked them for many years though don’t play them often.

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Audiophiles scare me a bit. A couple of hi-fi junkies are coming over tomorrow to buy some records (I only know one of them, a little) They even have their own social audiophile group. I admit to feeing a bit nervous. When I talk to other friends with Linn/Naim stuff, we talk about music, hardly ever our ‘systems’.

Hoping the conversation is more about records and music than gear. But I expect to have my rats-nest, at the least, commented on. LOL.

Apologies - a bit of thread drift…

On topic: my wallet tells me I’m pretty much done, apart from replacing the Kandid at some point. Happy with that.


I understand you. Years ago a guy came to my place to buy an audio rack I was selling. He sat in my living room, asked me to play music, listened attentively then started to comment on everything, suggesting all sorts of modifications and pointing to all sorts of mistakes on my part. He wasn’t rude, he was trying to save my soul.

Had he been a Jehovah’s Witness I’d had said I am a Communist as I always do; in his case, having no rat poison to put in the glass of water he asked, I thought of the money and waited. It was a long hour though.



I’ve had this experience too. Just politely tell them thanks for the advice but you like your system just the way it is thank you very much. And by the way, I am never going to replace it all with an Accuphase integrated like yours no matter how much better you think it will sound. :joy:. This works both ways btw. Have you ever suggested to a mate that they should try Naim? :thinking:


Isn’t that what this forum is for?

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