Difference between Trial and paid

I am wondering what differences if any between Trial version of ROON and a paid version.

No difference. I started with the trial, loved it and went lifetime.

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I am using Roon, Qobuz and Tidal with my newly burned in Muso 2gen. I run the core on my PC in another room. The hi-res FLAC over 5ghz wifi is astounding. There is no difference in quality between the trial and subscription.

I do not have the words to describe how good Muso 2 is! (I have owned Linn/Naim kit since 1982).

Like you am thrilled with my QB2 and have ROON set up similarly… My query was prompted as many trial packages limit some facets of software packages.

Cracking isn’t it!

It’s a full experience nothing is missing from the trial. It takes sometime to go through all the features and how it does things. It’s not all in plain sight. It really needs better documentation for new starters.

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Thank you CrystalGipsy, agreed.

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