Difference naim cd 5x to cd5xs

What are the differences, also in sound?

The CD5xs was a development of the CD5x and the main difference was the addition of an S/pdif digital output.

Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to directly compare the two so couldn’t say what any difference might be performance-wise, but I would expect them to be pretty close.

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When the CD5xs was introduced IIRC Naim made quite a bit of the mechanical engineering of the drawer, saying that the improvements that they had made took the performance of the machine closer to that of the CDX2.

Sorry, I cannot give a report on a side by side comparison of CD5x and CD5xs.

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Oh yes, I also forgot that the CD5xs brought a revised (and much smarter) fascia with the brushed anodised finish rather than the painted one of the previous CD5x.

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