Different between 52ps and SuperCap

Anyone have the experience about the sound that NAC 52 powered by 52PS and SuperCap?

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I have been looking into this myself and lots off info in the archive, that i have been looking at.
But basically some like the 52ps more and others the supercap. I feel the supercap is the better buy, as it can be used on more gear and if the sound difference is that close then unless the 52ps is cheap, its a one trick pony that you will have to sell together with the 52, when or if you decided to change the pre and then have to go buy a supercap if you are going naim still

I did not have that option when I bought my 52. If I recall it was supercap or nothing …

Thank you very much for your information, and i will choose supercap to buy

Sounds good, Thank you very much

I currently use a 52PS to power my 52. Had the opportunity to compare 52PS versus a Supercap. I preferred the 52PS.



The 52ps is more expensive to service I believe…Due to larger number of caps etc. Inside
So it may well over a sonic improvement over a SC

I have already ask Naim for service price, i suppose its more or less the same price. Yes, if i have the chance, i will choose 52PS instead of SuperCap.


Will try 52PS.


Interesting question. If an olive Supercap can be fitted with DR boards can a 52PS?
Might be worth checking before making any decisions

A supercap is more versatile than a 52PS, if you roll with naim never down grade then the supercap will be superior by default.
Be care with DR, olive may not gel with DR, you may end up chasing you tail till all your olive kit is DR. Good luck and be careful what you wish for.

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Hi,Thank you very much for your suggest, what i am focus on is are there any sound quality different between 52PS and SuperCap, any suggest about this?

There are no official DR upgrade from Naim to SuperCap Oliver version, i would stay to original version

I’ve never herd a 52ps on a nap52 before. What I can say is the the later model nac52 pots 7 and 8 are said to be the better sounding 52’s, without a shadow of doubt the vast majority of these 52’s are powered by super caps. I have a lovely pots 8 nac52 powered by its matching supercap it’s not the best but I don’t care as it gives me goose bumps on occasion, how good is that?
From what I remember the 52ps was discontinued because of its non-compliance of electrical efficiency and the supercap is more versatile. I would not get paranoid about the differences. I’ve herd of some after market so called upgrades for the 52ps which is said to be better than the supercap. This also doesn’t interest me, as why buy naim if you feel after market so called up grades can do better. I’ve found this type of “mod” gives but takes more. Trust me the nerds of naim have got it down to a fine art.
The 52 is of yester year and can’t compete with the likes of the nac552.
Just enjoy the special feeling the Nac 52 delivers,as you will end up with a 552 if your finances allow it.
Oh and the pots 8 nac52 supercap is very very good.
So good you won’t care if a 52/ps is better as it’s about music and that’s what Naim Audio do at any level, that’s a fact.

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Thank you very much

Received, Thank you very much

Nice link, to be fear for the supercap it would have to be warm up to get on song. That not something that takes minutes. Imo you could never A/B something like this over a cup of coffee and biscuits. You would need a week to have and even comparison.

If you read carefully you’ll see that the supercap was in the system for three days so well warmed up. The 52ps however was not in use for that period and despite being thus disadvantaged still sound better than the supercap.


Enjoy the music it the most important