Different varieties? Different taste?

At the risk of starting a somewhat frivolous thread to liven up a dull Tuesday, I thought I would ask people opinions on whether or if they prefer the following:

Green or Black olives?

Green or Black grapes?

Green or Red apples?

Personally, for the first two, I like both, for the last, it has to be green apples.

Please add other food choices based on the colour you are interested in?

Havana Club beats Bacardi any day…

Gold over white :wink:

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Lets start with the basics….

Red wine is better than white
Bitter is better than lager.


CB is better than olive?
(Runs and hides)

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Black for grapes, olives and Naim :grinning:

Green olives, but it’s not that simple.

Red/black grapes, but everyone else here prefers green.

Green apples as an adult, Granny Smith mainly not golden delicious. Don’t really enjoy the texture of many red supermarket apples but that may be buying the wrong stuff.

Regardless, I am all for celebrating the dull things in life that go unnoticed.
For instance the cutting of a sandwich.
Some go with a square cut and some go with a diagonal cut.
I have found that if your doing a really full filled sarny or a “club”, cutting diagonally always end in tears as that thick filled corner will either mis -shape, or you end up with just bread with all the filling squeezed out onto the cutting board.
Cutting them into squares seems to reduce this possibility. I have done too many buffets including egg mayonnaise, so I have authority here on my advice to cut squarely.
I have also found the same with toast.
If you want a slim slice of just butter and marmite. You’re ok to cut diagonally.
You start building up with something like sliced boiled eggs with cucumber. Crunchy peanut butter with tawny marmalade. Soft Goats cheese with baby plum tomatoes- then you just can’t assemble that on an open toasted bread on anything other than cut squarely.
Although, if you like really thick sliced bread and have a very sharp knife - I am happy to be proved wrong.

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