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I just booked a ticket for the digital concert hall of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Quite excited to have the ability to see live concerts on TV and also old concerts from the archive, in addition to my live visits closer to my home. Now I was interested if anybody else is using these type of services and what the experiences are.
I will run the rendering through my Oppo so that I can use the full AV to also amplify the sound. While I also could stream to my ND555 without the video of course…

I have taken advantage of a couple of 7 day trials to the Digital Concert Hall and thought the productions were superbly done. I only listened to the sound through my PC but within that restriction I thought it sounded very good. I particularly wanted to hear Rattle’s performances one season of the Beethoven symphonies, and then later of the complete Sibelius symphonies. I have now purchased both in the deluxe BPO boxes which gives me the CDs, a Blu-ray video disc and 24/96 recordings, also with a code to download 24/192 versions. All excellent. I have to say that the prospect of Petrenko now chief conductor is exciting, he is a fine and inspiring musician. Enjoy your subscription.


My thinking was that now I have the live access, but also to all this great concerts in the past…, at a price of 1,5 live concert - so that’s pretty good…
As it runs through my Oppo Sound should also be great…

K Petrenko and the BPO are a great match. It seems that Petrenko can undust music well - a thing which I appreciate. I’m looking forward to this digital concert hall season.

I never was a Rattle fan.

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IMHO one of the finest Rattle recordings made during his tenure with the BPO was Schubert Symphony no.9. He does many things very well and has the ability to make the listener hear detail not always apparent in other performances. However, Petrenko brings an extra level of music making from what I have heard, more lyrical and more inspired.

I´ll listen to it once I have time for it. I have not really been able to connect to the Schubert Symphonies / maybe this recording will allow me to ´feel´ Schubert.

Beer ready guys, the season starts in 15 minutes.

Good choice to start the season with Beethoven 9. Clearly German humour.

I had issues with my connection, so will have to view it later…

You have something to look forward to, Bert. It was the most involving Beethoven 9 I’ve experienced. K Petrenko a joy to watch.

My wife & daughter did not touch their smartphones which tells everything.

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Currently watching it, not bad indeed.

Currently watching Alice Sara Ott with Ravel’s piano concerto - live and nice…, especially the 2nd movement…

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Currently watching and thoroughly enjoying Rattle conducting Mahler Symphony No. 2.

I love Solti’s version with the CSO, and never took to the acclaimed Rattle CBSO recording, but this is sublime - I think it’s the earlier of two versions on DCH.

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