Digital Configuration Advice Request

I’m new; please let me know if this is a good use of the forum. :slight_smile:

So; hoping to convert to Naim very soon, keeping only my PMC Fact 8 speakers. I have a digital-only source of Tidal and 35,000 lovingly curated and indexed FLAC Tracks on a Synology NAS.

My question is: would you reallocate my budget differently to the configuration below? …and why!

NDX 2 + 555 PS
NAC 252 + NAP 250


  1. I am trying to follow the approach to “modestly amplify a beautiful source”,
    …rather than vice versa :slight_smile:
  2. I am planning to spend years listening to this, not tweaking it!

BONUS Question: how much to set aside for stands and cables?

Welcome to the forum, and yes that’s what it’s for :slight_smile: Before I attempt an answer, did you figure in that you also need a SuperCap to go with the 252? And what’s your room size?

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Aha! Two good points. Thank you.

  1. So first up… to configure at the same approx budget, the 252 would become a 282 and 2x HiCap?
  2. Secondly the listening room is 7m x 7m with a double height ceiling (barn conversion) so, …quite a lot of air to be moved.

Question: can I get 2x hicap and the NAPSC on one HiFi shelf?

A NAPSC can usually sit on the floor under a rack. Also remember a 282 can run very well with just 1 HiCap. It can also run with 2 HiCaps or a Supercap, so lots of options.

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You might want to consider a SuperCap instead of 2 HiCaps. OK it’s a bit pricier but makes moving on to a 252 more straightforward.


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@SteveWeeks welcome! And great speakers which work well with Naim source and amplification. You are definitely in the right territory of source and amp quality for the Facts. Do you have a dealer who could help fine tune what is best for you?
Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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Thanks everyone so far…

Now I think we’ve modified the planned config to:

NDX 2 + 555 PS
NAC 282 + SuperCap
NAP 250

Which is 5 shelves?
And within about ± 10% of the original budget


As your room is quite very big, I would say that a 300 dr would be a better solution.
To allow budget, Ndx2/ Xpsdr/ 282/ Supercap could be good. Then later, 555 dr and 252.

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I use a 250 DR on the Facts and it easily drives the speakers. I also have found that the Facts seems to reach their best when not being driven too loud, hard to explain but probably not a speaker for a headbanger. Of course a 300 is better, but I wouldn’t think it a requirement personally.

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Allowing £200 per budget HiFi shelf…
My original config was £25k (but admittedly invalid!) with NDX2 & 555PS + 252 + 250DR
Then we moved to £27.5 for NDX2 & 555PS + 282 & SC + 250DR
Then a suggestion to downgrade the Source PS and upgrade the other end for more oomph…
Giving us at £26.5 the NDX2 & XPSDR + 282 & 2xHiCap + 300DR ?

At this point, somebody should say, you have to try the alternatives in your own actual room ?

Question: When you get these devices out of their boxes, what cables are missing?
I’m assuming that the XPSDR and SuperCap come with cables to the NDX2 and 282,…
and I would need one DIN cable from NDX2 to 282 and one from 282 to 250?

I’d be very cautious about dropping the 555PS and getting the 300. The source is just so important. It’s a massive space and I’m not 100% sure the system will fill it but only a home test will answer that one.

Don’t forget that you can make significant savings by going ex dem or used, which can enable a far better system within budget. A NDX2/555PS with 252, Supercap and 300 should be entirely possible. That’s the setup I’d be aiming at.

If you are in the U.K. there are a number of good dealers who carry significant used stock. If you did go for the six box system you really should be accommodating it on two stacks of shelving. It improves the sound and makes organising those pesky burndies a whole lot easier.

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Re cables. You will get a din din interconnect with NDX, a burndy with the XPS. Not sure about using a supercap with 282, I think you may need an extra 5 pin snaic and 4 pin snaic. You may need to buy 2x5 pin snaics. I’m sure someone will confirm.

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@hungryhalibut Thank you - Ex-demo gear is a great alternative.

And yes, I’ve noticed systems on two short stacks rather than one tall one. For rigidity?

Currently mine is on a stack of six black IKEA Lack tables with legs cut short and 4x castor wheels underneath! It probably makes the sound worse, but it looks great!

The Supercap comes only with a mains lead. The 252 comes with the cables to connect to the Supercap. If you get an 82 and want to use a Supercap you need to buy two Snaic5s. The XPS comes with a Burndy to power the NDX2, while the 555PS doesn’t. All the power amps come with the necessary leads to take signal from the preamp power supply. Don’t overthink wires at this stage. Speak to a good dealer, decide on the system, and go from there.

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Super. Thx.

You could do 282 with Supercap as others have mentioned, or you could do 282 with only one HiCap (and the obligatory and included NAPSC). Opinons differ about relative merits. The Supercap gives you a straight upgrade option to 252, but it is not fully utilized by the 282. One HiCap is cheaper than two and many people say that a second HC didn’t make much difference - but others disagree of course. And some prefer SC, and others prefer 2 HiCaps …

Else you have a good plan! The fact.8 are not difficult to drive with 8 Ohms nominal impedance and 89dB (1W/1m) sensitivity. However, with a room that big and depending on the music you listen to, and the volume, one consideration with a 252/SC might be the NAP 300 instead of the 250, and making up for it by an XPS instead of the 555 PS for the NDX2. However, that’s a decision only yours ears can really make, and your wallet plus your psychological makeup :slight_smile: I also wanted to listen and not tweak, so I went with NDX2/555, 252/SC and 300, as there is nowhere to go from here except 500 series, which will hardly happen. Sound is fabulous and it gives me peace of mind, too


Thank you @Suedkiez for the considered response. Your point about the soft ceiling between Classic and 500 ranges is well taken. And your (£34k! Wah!) stack config might even be reachable with some lower cost ex-demo components.

Definitely worth considering spending the time and looking for some deals . I have had the NDX2/555/252/SC/300 for a year now and have listened every day, and every single day when starting the music I thought “wow that’s so fabulous”

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I meant that it’s for members having fun spending your money and driving Naim sales :joy: I am surprised that nobody told you yet that you really need a 552 :slight_smile:

As for racking: With the 300 in the mix you are definitely looking at two stacks like HH mentioned, and every one will tell you “full Fraim” - definitely get used levels :slight_smile: Though of course there are other options, but it will cost a bit in any case

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