Digital flexibility

Maybe I’m missing the point, but wouldn’t that one box streamer be called an Atom

Naim have been pretty clear that they believe greater integration comes at the detriment of sound quality.

They have gone to lengths to reduce this impact on the Uniti range and 272. But ultimately, once you get to a certain level, the cost-performance of mitigating the impact of multiple components within a single box lags far behind just physically isolating them as separate products.

That doesn’t mean they won’t do it. But it’ll be a trade off.

I’d also say that 2 boxes or 5, the rack takes up the same floor space. And if you prefer to forgo a rack for visual elegance, spending thousands on hifi might not be the wisest path. Or at least not with Naim. Naim believe in heavily in mechanical and electrical isolation (Fraim, external PSUs etc). If you don’t believe in them and want to spend more than a Nova, other brands may be more appropriate.


I see no reason why Naim could not build a dac/pre only running on an external psu. we will have to wait and see what happens next, a 273 373 or updated dac, with or without pre, or maybe all of it.

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I see that Moon have now brought out their answer to the 272.
Like it or not this appears to be the way the market is moving and Naim should look to improve on the 272 to retain their share.

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