Digital input problem

Hello Naim community,

I just upgraded from my original Supernait to a Supernait 3 and also purchased a ND5XS2.
I also use a Sonos Port which was connected to my Supernait via digital cable (not optical) using the digital circuit of the Supernait. All good so far.

Now I have the new setup and connected the Sonos Port digitally with exactly the same digital cable to the ND5XS2. No sound unfortunately after chosing “digital 1” in the Naim app. Plugging everything back to the Supernait/ Sonos direct connection – just works!
The analogue inputs from the Sonos Port to the Supernait 3 also just work fine.

Any idea what may solve the issue?


You need digital 3 or 4 selected on the ND5XS2. 1 and 2 are the Toslink (optical) inputs.

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Thank you, That worked. I realized that I had to manually enable these inputs in the app. It was only showing Input 1 for me.


Oh good. Enjoy your new kit and welcome to the forum !

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