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New nait xs 3 and supernait 3 have phono build-in capability but I really don’t need it
Today lots of customers are digital savvy. They only want the best of digital music

To target those customers, I would expect a new nac 272 with the new streaming platform but without any analog inputs. It would be a very good value for money source for digital only customers!

Yet there is a resurgence in Vinyl buying and so Naim are responding to the market. For good value streaming you’ve got the ND5XS2.

I suspect the 272 is not long for this world now but maybe the QB2 will get an update first…

We’ve owned a 272 for over four years and it’s wonderful. We also have a NAT05, which walks all over internet radio, and a record player for the few albums we have but really enjoy. How would a digital only new 272 work for us?

Linn do digital only streamer pre amps for the digital savvy.

Nope - digital only will not work…
Why would I want to digitise my turntable’s output?

There are quite a few that are digital savvy and listen only to vinyl, so a bit of a strange statement this one.

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I would never buy something that limits me to analog-only or digital-only. While I prefer vinyl as a source I am also now heavily invested in digital. With that said the 282 stands as an ideal platform for me.

Are you sure?

How would the AV bypass work without an analog input?

It doesn’t really make any sense to drop the analogue inputs. At it’s heart he 272 has an analogue pre-amp and it has to have that in order to directly couple to a power-amp (you can’t send a digital signal to a power amp!). Even the DAC / pre-amps from the likes of Chord etc still have an analogue pre-amp to drive their analogue outputs!

Dropping the analogue inputs would give no significant cost saving in components (a handful of sockets, a few reed relays and a stereo pair of simple gain stages based on existing known designs). Against this small saving of cost there’s a greater potential for loosing customers - see the responses above.

They could of course instead provide analog inputs through an ADC and then out through the DAC… But there would seem to be no point unless some DSP function is offered

What about Naim’s V-1 DAC? It has only digital inputs, and an analog output for its preamp function. When it first appeared, some complained about the lack of an analog input. The response was that analog would complicate the circuitry and slightly degrade performance.

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It’s in a shoebox case!

Different situation, different conclusions.

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