Digital volume control for 282

I was wondering if anyone knows about a way to connect some sort of remote digital receiver to my Nac282 so I can control the volume through Roon. I am tired of using multiple controllers for volume. I know there is a remote connection on the back of the 282 (can be used for system automation) I do not use a Naim Streamer and have no plans to.

Thanks in advance

I use Logitech Harmony Hub to do just this.

The Hub is an IR blaster which is connected via WiFi. You then need to install the Deep Harmony plugin in Roon and then set this to be your volume controller. Then the - and + buttons will appear in Roon.

You can also add a Logitech widget to the home page of an iPad to allow easy access to volume as well.

The only thing I have found is that the volume stepping is a bit slow. It does make the volume a bit easier to control small changes but doesn’t do as well if you want to quickly adjust the volume.


I am a bit of a novice with this. How do you install/aquire the Deep Harmony plugin in for Roon.

Take a look on the Roon Forum in the Tinkering section, there’s a thread going there.

I use Rock so I had to host extensions elsewhere, I believe it’s easier if your host is not a Rock.

I think the sticking point is the fact that I use my Innuos as a Roon Core, and do not have access to that directory to add a plugin. At least the I can see. Perhaps if I were more technically astute I could figure it out. Out of my league currently though.

I suspect you have similar constraints to the Rock then.

I overcame this by running the extension in a container on my NAS drive. The container is a pre-built image of the extension. If you have a NAS and it is capable of running docker images it’s quite easy to setup.

I do have a NAS. And if you can translate what you jus said into English for me, that would be great. If you could provide detailed instructions that would be even better. Sorry, I am not that technically proficient.

What NAS do you have. Does it have an application called Container Station, or Docker?

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Synology DS718+ and I just added Docker to it.

If you install the Roon Extension Manager this should include the Harmony one too.

I don’t think we are supposed to post direct links but if you look on the Roon Forum for ‘Docker Image for the Roon Extension Manager’ article there are instructions there. I use QNAP so cannot provide specific instructions.

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Thank you. I will try to figure things. I really appreciate the help.

Ya, I’m trying to decipher all of his and it is not something I can do on my own. It for the most part is not straight forward and seems in most cases written in a foreign language.

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