Digital vs turntables

interesting article on stereophile… and a strong reason to buy an NDX 2 !!

“Our results indicate that, for average listeners who do not own state-of- the-art audio equipment, a well-chosen compact disc player will provide a much more satisfying home musical experience than will a comparably priced turntable and cartridge. We suggest to perfectionist audiophiles that they go to the trouble of repeating our experiment. Like us, they may be surprised at the outcome.”

By choosing a turntable/tonearm combination which specifically addresses arm/cartridge resonances and suppresses micro-vibrations at the stylus/groove interface, we gained a substantial increase in inner detailing and image focus compared to other analog playback systems. We lost a significant bass coloration (no measurable vertical arm/cartridge resonance) and virtually eliminated a false sense of “sheen.” The resulting turntable sound approached the sonic characteristics of the CD and the prerecorded tape. In the case of the Thelma Houston recording, the sound of the AR was virtually identical to that of the CD. These results indicate that the extra bass and the “sheen” or “bloom” heard on other phono playback combinations derive not from the program material, but from the turntable. We strongly believe that the characteristic sound of analog playback equipment pronounced accurate by the digital detractors includes many euphonic colorations to which we have become accustomed. As improvements in analog playback equipment reduce these colorations, it is not surprising to see CD and analog sources approach each other sonically

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The original article was published in 1986. Things have (including vinyl replay) moved on a bit since then.

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michael Fremer would not written that…quite the contrary. Analog corner in Stereophile.

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