Dilemma- service or buy a pre-owned Naim?

Servicing my NAP 90 - needs speak connectors replaced; my NAC62 - the selector knob causes channel drop outs; Flatcap needs the din connectors replaced.

Or invest the money saved toward a pre-owned Nait XS ?

I would start by getting a price for the repair of your current amp. You won’t get much for them if they aren’t working. If they were fully serviced they might easily beat an XS2.

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I nave a nap90, nac 92 and flatcap. Fortunately nothing wrong with them except age. I looked at servicing them and decided it wasn’t worth it as I have other kit. On the other hand my 62 was well worth the service cost, along with a hicap and 140. Even just a 62 and 140 would be worth the investment over the 90 service cost imo.

If you like your current system I would service it. You might “need” a second system if you upgrade down the line. Also when buying preowned you never know when it might need serviced also.

None of those repairs seem - to me - to be likely to be very expensive, if done during a service/recap.

Ask the question, of your preferred service agent… :slightly_smiling_face:

Servicing of Naim equipment can be done at reasonable costs. I have just had three boxes fully serviced by approved Naim agent at £797. Supercap 2 and Nac 52 were £299 each and XPS2 was £199.

I think that’s reasonable. I also have a Nait 3 which I bought for £310. So maybe it will cost £300 to service, but it will allow it to go on for another 10 or 15 years and will sound better.

I could just leave it. But a bit of tlc and these legacy units will go on and on.

Or if somthing goes wrong with it, get someone local to repair the particular issue rather than full service!


Thanks everyone, it appears unanimous, I’ve reached out to my local dealer to find out the costs for repair of each component, including the Flatcap !

They’ll have to be shipped to Montreal, I live in a less populated part of Ontario. The Canadian Naim distributor is based there (Plurison) and they’re also Canada’s only official service shop.


I think repair and service is way to go. Naim say after a recap the units will be as good as new. That’s reassuring. Some service agents give a warranty on th work undertaken as well.

I have had lots of Naim boxes serviced and they come back better than they were everytime and as good as new.

Best wishes with the repairs and service!

Naim Canada service is excellent - I had my 52/SC/250 as well as Nait2 and Nait 5 serviced there.

Also worth a trip to Montreal to personally drop off or pick up. Always like visiting Montreal especially for Jazz fest or Audio fest time :kissing_heart:


I did that once 14 years ago. Met Mario the service guy and Emmanuel, the boss at the time.

I lived in Burlington at the time do a drive up the highway to Montreal wasn’t too bad,and had friends I could stay with ! I live in Sudbury now, the trek is far longer.

Only 60k more from Sudbury than Burlington - and a much more beautiful drive :blush:

I had my 20 year old 252/SC/250 recapped and DR-d last year at a cost of almost $7000. If I had to do it again, I might just sell them and buy a new Supernait 3.

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$7,000 ?

Servicing cost model has changed over the years .

One of the reasons I bought Naim was I could service boxes for a reasonable cost. Sadly the “reasonable” is no longer a phrase I can use in that statement.


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Yes, but you have the option with Naim.

With just about any other manufacturer, if the device stops working, you have to throw it away and buy new.

My 30-year-old NAT-01/NAPST tuner was drifting off station and generally misbehaving. It was sent to Naim for repair, and is now back in my system as good as new (literally).

I know which of those models of customer service I prefer!


He had them DR’d at the same time, which is not the same as just servicing;
Here’s the 2019 prices for that: remember these are upgrades.

As I understand it, Naim no longer carry out DR upgrades (or perhaps they never did for Olive components). Which is a great shame. I don’t know why this is.

If I am wrong about this, would someone please let me know, as most of my equipment is over 30 years old and needs to go back to Salisbury for servicing.

Mine was from 2009. Would more than likely be needing a service by now anyway. Great amplifier btw. Fast and lithe, though I have no idea how well a serviced XS would stack up against your serviced NAC62, FC, NAP90. Would probably depend on your speaker load as to which you might prefer.

I did wonder what the DR option part would cost.

Servicing is still a mystery to me, normally a NAC wouldn’t require one, so repairing my input selector which has channel drop out … can only imaging the cost. Especially for a CB.

Also, my local Naim store told me I need to give him a deposit of C$175 per item before he gives me the RMA’s. This is what the official Canadian service centre will charge me via him.

I’m pushing forward, the 62/90 sound is pretty good. Btw they used to drive Epos ES11, but know they drive B&W 705.

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