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My Naim kit ranges in age from less than 4 years old to about 2 months old. All the Naim logo lights are bright and even, except one. Of the six classic boxes my SuperCap DR (a 2018) has a noticeably dimmer light. It kinda annoys me. Is this something that my dealer or even I can address? I certainly don’t want to send it back to Focal-Naim N.A. just for that.

Your dealer might be able to get a new logo unit from Naim and fit it themselves. Best to ask them if it bothers you that much (they do vary a lot).


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There’s a very slight difference from one model to the next. However, each logo also has a small tolerance, so if you get a logo at say the dim end of the tolerance and it’s fitted to a unit that runs the logo slightly dimmer than others, then the difference gets compounded.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the early crescent logos were quite a bit brighter than later ones, the intensity being toned down as many felt the logo were initially too bright. Logos can be changed out fairly easily (should be possible to be done by your Naim dealer), with the exception of the NAP500 which is very tricky as it requires the casework to be totally stripped down (If not part of a full service then Naim can supply a resistor instead).


Thank you Richard. I’ll have a chat with my dealer about it. I’ve spent enough on Naim. Let’s get it right. :slight_smile:

Yep, mine from 2000 is bright. Who cares, it sounds great and was serviced Nov 2016.


I’ll hijack - the logo on my 2008 Superline is the dimmest of all my boxes. It’s also the oldest, by 10 years. I think I’ll ask Chris West to do something about it when I send it in for re-cap service (?)

All the four NAIM logo lights on my 1999 olive boxes are perfectly matching. Old technology might be working better…

Audio-T in Portsmouth (hi, Nick) did my DAC a couple of months ago for just under a hundred squids. Couple days or so to get parts from Salisbury, then dropped off in the morning, collected in the afternoon. Job done!

6 black boxes all logo lights the same

When my 500 came back from DRing the logo was less bright and now matched the rest of the boxes except the superline which was noticeably dimmer. That’s off for a service now so I’ll see if the logo on that is brighter upon its return.

This is why I bought my Uniti, who wants to bother with all of those un-matched green logos in a stack? Not me! :grinning:

Nah, not the real reason of course…

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I know it sounds picky, but I have about $60,000 worth of Naim. I would like it to look like $60k. :grin:


It will only ever look like 60k worth to another hi-fi fan
Anyone else will never believe you spent most than 2k on hi-fi


I like to turn the darn things of. Walking around the lounge in the dark it looks like a spaceship control!

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I had the logo replaced on my HDX by my dealer. The part was supplied by Naim FOC and just the cost of the dealer’s time to fit.

The older lights are so much classier and not calling attention to themselves in their dimness. I don’t understand why NAIM found a need too change them.


It only matters what it looks like to me. I’m the one who spent the money on it. Don’t care about others’ opinions. :slight_smile:


I too always loved the older green 3-D style logo. Seems like a fairly trivial thing, but I too wish they had never changed it.

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I’ve noticed that. I had a NAT 05 tuner, which was a bit older than my other components and it was significantly brighter (Fourth up from the bottom)

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