Dim NDX Screen - Use a Camera Phone

I had to reset some options on my NDX recently and it is almost impossible to read the screen. (The screen has faded and ideally should be replaced). However, when I looked at the screen with the camera in my phone (Samsung A23), I could actually read the options. I am not sure if anyone has suggested this before as an option for dealing with failing screens.


That’s a brilliant idea and I don’t recall anyone else suggesting that here since I have active in the forum, which is about 8 years…

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Is there some special setting on your phone to achieve this? My Samsung A32 (not the same phone as yours,I know) only shows the reflection of my phone and my sad face when I point the camera at my almost unreadable NDS screen. :disappointed_relieved:

Try downloading the ReBoken app this give you various colour options to view and this can help in highlighting text. The app also has a magnifying and freeze option which enables you freeze the text as required.

I guess that your Phone is boosting the Contrast, which makes the Screen more readable…?

I just used the default setting on the phone.
Attached is a sample photo (for some reason – after a power cut – the default language switched to French)

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Okay,thx, I’ll give it another try when it is dark here. There is direct sunlight now reflecting on the screen.

I covered up the buttons to the right of the screen with a piece of dark cloth (since they light up when you enter the settings menu). Also, I closed the curtains to try to make the room as dark as possible.

That works fine for a while, but once the screen is truely gone then alas the phone trick is no longer an option

Cameras pick up slightly different wavelengths. For example, if you look at the end of a remote control while you press buttons, you can see the infra red bulb light up which is utterly invisible otherwise.

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