Din 5 - XRL Super lumina or Chord sarum t

There is just some brands making Din5-xrl ic cables… so i am considering either Naim SL or Chord ST (can’t buy ChordMusic) din5-xrl for my Ndx 2 and vitus sia-101 amplifier. My speakers are Magico S3-mk2 and Nordost Tyr2 cables. I almost listen to blues and jazz music… Unfortunately, I can’t not try both of them before buying in my town.

Could you tell me what Din5-xrl ic cable i should buy… and Din5-xrl will sound better rca-rca IC on my Ndx2.

Thanks in advance.

I use SL however I will say that the Interconnect (first) gave the biggest lift but that was between Naim source and Naim pre. I then did SL speaker cables and again between Naim power and Naim speakers, a nice uplift. Last I replaced the XLR’s between pre and power. This was the smallest uplift in quality but made the system feel much more complete and refined. SL for me is a system and works as such. One piece will never give you the results as Naim intended. You should most likely be using PowerLines also if you are going to use SL cables.


The SIA 101 doesn’t seem to exist - maybe it’s an RI-101? Or an SIA 25 or 30 maybe. Anyway, if it’s an RI-101, the XLRs are for balanced inputs. As the output of the NDX2 is unbalanced you are probably best getting a Din to RCA cable. The RCA sockets on the Vitus are at opposite sides of the amplifier so you will need a cable with sufficiently long ends. I’d take advice from your Naim or Vitus dealer. For example, the SL din to RCA’s ends are too short to reach the sockets:

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Thanks for telling me your useful experience!

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Yes, i am wrong, it is Ri 101. Honestly, i want use the Xrl inputs on my Vitus. However, according to your recommendation, din out of Ndx is not balanced :frowning: so i should get a Din 5 - rca amd pay attention to the long of rca’s end. By the way, do you think din-rca and rca-rca will sound the same on system of ndx2-vitus? Have you ever compared SL with Chord Sarum T ic? Thanks!

Din to RCA should sound better than RCA to RCA, according to people who have tried it. I have no experience of the Chord cables so cannot really advise. I’m sure both are very good. With the Vitus, I wonder if you’d be better putting the money into a power supply for the NDX2 rather than buying an expensive cable. You can get a used XPSDR for about the same price as the SL cable. It’s another box of course, so you may not like the idea.

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Hi Arcallion, I have done the comparison of Din/XLRs (and other permutations) as has at least one other forum member and we found that, although SL was OK, Sarum was significantly better. He bought Sarum after comparing them for a week. I’m now using Music but you don’t want to hear that…

If you contact Chord either directly or via your dealer, they’ll be able to make up whatever set you need in terms of terminations and length.

As HH says, Din from the NDX2 should sound better and Din to RCA is likely to be what you need, as opposed to the other way round (which would be common as several will use a non-Naim source into a Naim Pre). Direction of cable is important.

Unless you’re talking long distances - in which case price will skyrocket - you probably don’t need balanced in any case.

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Thank you very much all of you… i now find the way to go with the IC. It should be a Din-rca Chord sarum T… Thanks again!

There’s no way I would contemplate buying cables at those prices without a home demo. FWIW I tried a SL DIN cable between my NDX and 282, and found any gains to be marginal compared to the standard interconnect, so I didn’t buy it. SL speaker cables, on the other hand, were a big change, and I bought them (but that was with a Naim power amp.)
I would try contacting Chord and Naim, to see if they can make arrangements with the distributor in your region for some demo cables.


I have already contacted my local distributor, but they just have shawline din-rca… so i will demo it on my system for finding out the taste of Chord cable first. Thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately they’re not similar so won’t be of much help. If you do hear them though, make sure they are Din to RCA (there are arrows on the sheath indicating cable direction). If they’re the other way round, they’re unlikely to sound as they should.

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Thank you Dave. I will check directions to make sure they are din to rca cables.

I’ve tried both SuperLumina and comparable Chords. Chose SuperLumina.

However in your case you will probably have to go with Chord (DIN > RCA) because of physical constraints. Chord makes their cables as two individual cables, rather than packed in one single sleeve (like Naim do). Plus with Chord you can order custom lengths.

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Hi Adam! Did you compared Chord Sarum T with Naim Super Lumina? Thank you!

I compared the Naim lavender, Hi-Line, SL, as well as Chord Sarum Tuned Aray, Sarum T and Music in my system. The Chord Music was (by a great leap) better in every way that mattered to me. No tension, just music. Difficult to justify the price until you hear it.


Yes - I did. For NAIM sources to NAIM amps I prefer SuperLumina.
For non-Naim sources (e.g. Linn LP12 or Rega RP10) I prefer SarumT (which I use for that purpose).

Hope the above helps.

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