Din-Din to Din-RCA Hi-line - worth the effort?

Hi, so I now have my P8/Apheta3/Aria Mk3 into Uniti Nova/NAP250DR up and running I am looking at suitable inter-connects. Although the Chord Clearway I am borrowing sounds pretty good, I also have a redundant Din-to-Din Hi-line inter-connect left over from my now sold on CDS3/252/300. Is it worth butchering my Hi-line to add RCA plugs to fit the Aria? would I expect an improvement over the Clearway? does Naim offer this service? or should I just sell my Hi-line and stick with the Clearway? Anyone attempted this with similar spec kit? as once the surgery has been done if there is no improvement it would be the waste of a perfectly good Din-to-Din Hi-line…

I certainly wouldn’t mess with the Hiline. Just sell it.

When I bought my Rega I needed to to connect to the phono sockets of my 272 and the dealer recommended the Rega Couple 2 interconnect ‘to keep it Rega all the way to the Naim’. They seem to work really well and have nice twisty plugs that grab the sockets like a limpet.

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