Din - Jack cable. wich one?

now that Flashback has closed its doors, where can I find particular cables?
I just need a din - jack cable to connect my fiio x1 to nait 2.
i searched for this:
but it is very rare to find.
so, any suggestion?

I bought mine from Designacable. They are a uk company but delivered quickly here to oz. doesn’t have the sinch on the din end that the flashback ones did but sounds just as good to my ear and is pretty cheap.

Have a look on eBay and search for Naim DIN/3.5mm. I don’t know if it’s 4 or 5 pin you’re looking for and whether you want locking collars or push on.

I have a 5pin but can’t remember whether I got from Flashback or somewhere else.

Cheers, Rack.

There is Chord model in this configuration for sale now on the auction site. Or you can buy a s/h Chord Chrysalis DIN to DIN and ask Chord to reterminate for you. Nice people at Chord, they’ve swapped out ends of cables for me in the past for a small fee plus shipping.

PS I was saddened to learn what happened to the owner of Flashback

Can Naim make you one to special order? It really is remarkably good with my Ponoplayer, and somewhat better than a number of other options that I tried from the usual places.

Otherwise I would look out for an i-Chord as they’re more commonly available.

A price list recently shared on this forum suggested Naim can still make them, part number 00-01-0087

You should be able to order this, first one, as previously mentioned.

Good to know. It’s a great interconnect so glad to hear it’s still available.

thank you all, i made a bid for the chord at auction, in case i don’t win it i think i will order one on designcable.
The original costs more than the fiio and I don’t think it’s worth it.

Another suggestion is Blue Jeans cable. They’ll make you pretty much anything on request.

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