Din louder than rca

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I just purchased an older rca to din cable to upgrade my rca/rca cable and measured the loudness on both rca and din without changing the volume. The din one seems to be 3db louder. Can this be? Or is my measurement faulty.

What frequency?

I just recorded a song while playing over rca and din and compared the min and max db output. Of course I did not move my phone.

Is the DIN a shorter cable? Short cables tend to be louder than longer ones by about 3.

Actually the rca one is much shorter.

Ah well, that puts my theory to bed then.

Cobra din is 1m
Audioquest tower is 0.6m

Ivo, apologies, Im in a silly mood, hence my "meant to be humorous " posts.
The length of cable has very little to do with volume unless it is designed to be attenuated, which yours are not.
I’m sure some other more travelled forum members will be able to offer some suggestions.
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Agreed. There might be an affect on frequency response perhaps - which could give an apparent difference in measured levels…? Anyway 3dB isn’t that much… :grinning:

Which sounds better?

Indeed. Stop measuring and use the cable for its stated intention. To enable one to listen to music.

It was a tongue in cheek comment HH, you surely knew that?

I have no view on your intention. My response was simply advice to the OP.

Being a logarithmic scale, an increase of 3dB implies twice as loud.

+3 dB is twice the power. In perception, +10 dB is considered twice as loud (depending on weighting and such), and IIRC +3 dB is perceived as clearly recognizably louder or some such. But yeah, I very much doubt that a cable makes 3 dB difference. However, the output circuitry of the source device might. A phone is not a good measurement instrument, though.

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Oops, yes of course. That makes more sense.

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I was actually thinking that the internals of the amp influence the loudness/quality.

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