DIN Phono Input on SUPERNAIT 3

I just upgraded from a NAIT 5si to a SUPERNAIT 3. I am faily new to Naim products and although I know they are made in England, It sometimes seem like sometimes I’m working with a foreign language. I have two DIN to RCA cable. they both fit in the CD, Tuner, stream and av but they will not fit into the phono DIN. Am I correct that the Phono DIN is only to connect to an external phono box. So I can only connect my turntable with RCA cables unless I buy the external phono box which make little sense. I think I may be a victim of different DIN pin arrangements. Thanks in advance

Yes. The aux din is a 240 degree din and differs from the other 180 degree din sockets. It is specifically designed for use with a Naim stageline or superline phono stage.

You can use the rca phono inputs ie the sn3’s own phono stage with a turntable with an mm cartridge.

Or any other input (din or rca) with your own phono stage.

A bit more info here:


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